Friday, February 8, 2008

Across the Universe

I just want the world to know that I watched Across the Universe for the first time about a week ago. I love all the re-done songs. I'm a huge beatles fan, so I was skeptical at first that the newby singers would ruin all the old songs, but I absolutely loved every single one of them. I'm going to venture to say that this scene where Jim Sturgess sings "I've Just Seen a Face" completely melts my heart, to the point that I like it even better than the original. There. I said it. I'm in love! I'm in love with this scene and I don't care who knows it!

What the Blog?

Yes. It's happened to me. I've finally traded in myspace and facebook for a more grown up, sophisticated blog. It's something I've been planning on putting off until I get married. And well, I'm still not married. Pretty single in fact. My girlfriends made one once they got married, and they share their lives with distant friends that way. But I decided something today. Just because I'm not married and I don't have a family of my own doesn't mean I don't have a life! Weird. So here I am, ready to blog my little heart out. I hope the world is ready.