Monday, September 12, 2011

Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Weeks of School

I have had so much to blog about an so little time! I've literally started keeping blog tidbits in a memo on my phone in the hopes that I will remember everything I've wanted to write about. So, in my favorite blogging fashion... I will now list categorically the events that have transpired since school started.

  • Mama Booth gave me a bunch of "spider traps" to put around my room in hopes of reducing the spider traffic across my floor, bed, and walls.
  • The spider traps are trapping. Sometimes I think I'd rather just not know.
  • I slept without PJ pants one night. I woke up with 3 spider bites in the general area of my behind.
  • The spider killer spray that mom gave me smells like green conversation hearts, but with a hint of chemical danger.
  • I am 90% sure a spider jumped onto my face last night. It's sad... but I'm getting used to it. I nonchalantly brushed it off my face, onto the floor and went on my merry way sleeping.
  • There was a HUGE spidey in my office the other day. I almost threw up when I saw it. Seriously.
Freshman Giveaways:
  • Some youngin pointed to to the mountains as he was running to class, looked at me and asked: "East is that way right!!??" in a totally panicked voice.
  • Freshman have not yet mastered the art of anticipating the trajectory of other students' walking paths in relation to their own. They don't know how to manuever the crowded walkways without crashing into people... unless the stop dead in their tracks. I like to think I'm pretty good at avoiding collisions without disrupting my general movement or direction of travel. Freshman suck at this.
  • Overhearing this conversation: "I've only known him a day. But. I mean. If he asked me to marry him I wouldn't say no."             ........... DEAD SERIOUS.............
  • They crowd around the maps at the entrance of each building... feverishly searching for their classroom. They also sometimes carry around campus maps.
Other School Anecdotes
  • Only empty-nester moms on campus pull around rolly back packs. But boy, do they pull them around with a vengeance.
  • I regularly have to climb the 106 stairs from the RB to the JFSB, and then down 30 again when I get inside.
  • A guy in one of my classes keeps a bottle of liquid white out on his desk while he takes notes. Seriously? They have better methods these days. Also. Just use a pencil.
  • My cognitive development teacher made his own "Advanced Baby Einstein" slide show for adults to show us how useless Baby Einstein is. It was hilarious.
  • I love all my professors. All of them.
The End.