Monday, March 31, 2008

Spectacular Vernacular

So, I've been reading this book. Its like, 1400 pages or something like that. It's the complete works of Jane Austen. My biggest reason for buying it was because I just really like the cover hahaha! I was going to only buy Pride and Prejudice at first, but after I saw "Becoming Jane" I wanted to get my hands on everything she's ever written. This compilation was the cutest one. I've already read Sense and Sensibility and now I'm on Pride and Prejudice. I absolutely love it. Sense and Sensibility was kind of long and drawn out and then it was resolved too quickly for me to really enjoy the ending. Everyone says it's they're favorite one, but I'm not crazy about it. It was good. I mean, I giggled at some parts and my little heart ached for both girls when the guys they were in love with were being idiots. However, I'm half way through P&P and I already like it a lot more than Sense and Sensibility. It may just be that I'm able to follow it more closely since I watched the movie before reading it. Who knows. But I love Mr. Darcy, you learn more about how much in love with Elizabeth he is in the book than you learn in the movie. Be still my girlish heart.

Another plus that comes from reading such a monstrous book is the awesome amount of new words that keep being unconsciously added to my vocabulary while I read. For example... monstrous. Who says that? Honestly. I don't mind though. It makes me sound more refined. I give this book an A+ so far. Anyone want to borrow it when I'm done? Or you can just get it on for like $16.00. I recommend it. Its a gem.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home

You better believe I snagged myself a contract at these cute townhouses. Get this... Private room, private balcony, private BATHROOM, and there's a freaking fireplace! They're called Aretta Gardens and they're like 3 blocks from campus and one block from the bus stop. I think I just achieved nirvana. They are a little different from the ones below... but who freaking cares!? And the rent is amazing. AMAZING. Just in case anyone tries to steal my glorious find, the owner is holding it for me. She lives out of state and is mailing me my contract. I heart her. I can't wait until I'm far, far away from my crazy present landlady. Yogi Yogi Yogi!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Housing Hunt

I am in search of a new place in Provo right now. Its both exciting and exhausting beyond belief. For anyone who doesn't know, Provo is filled with condos and apartments of all shapes, sizes, and prices.

I have lived in:
Deseret Towers (Presently getting knocked down. They were THAT bad.)

Roman Gardens. Don't be fooled by the pool.

and Brownstone Condos. I loved Brownstone. Tenderly nicknamed "Brownstain" and the courtyard was called "The Crack" Ba hahaha. I just love toilet humor. My landlord is the one thing I just couldn't deal with.

I went from living a single shared room public bathroom existence on campus to a slummy shared room apartment to a private room condo, complete with balcony and washer and dryer. I've never had to pay an outrageous amount for my apartments, but I've had my share of crazy landlords and roommates. At this point, I have my heart set on living in one of these:

They are the cutest little townhouse style condos ever. There are a ton of them scattered all over Provo and I have been desperately trying to get my hands on one for a reasonable price. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a bargain shopper to the bone. I have been calling and emailing everyone and anyone I can find with a contract for sale. I want to live in one so bad!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Parking Frenzy

Provo parking sucks.

I'd rather drive off a cliff,

than search for parking.

I just wrote this beautiful Haiku to describe my feelings about Provo parking laws. As of a couple months ago, parking on the street in provo is strictly prohibited without a parking permit from the city within certain boundaries. Luckily, most of my neighborhood has unrestricted street parking. Unluckily, my complex only has 20 parking spaces and houses 160 people. So the street is BEYOND crowded. I circled for about 20 minutes waiting for someone to leave. Everyone circles in their cars like vultures around an abandon carcass, like sharks in a feeding frenzy. One could even compare it to feeding time on monkey island. As soon as someone did leave... a big red truck zoomed in and took my spot. It should have been mine. I sat there, enduring the awkward goodbye-at-the-car scene of a fellow ward member and his girlfriend for like 10 minutes. That spot should have been mine, and it was torn right out of my grasp. Curse that red truck. SO. I just surrendered and parked illegally about a block away. I'm burning mad. I hate provo parking with the white hot fire of a thousand suns.


Happy Easter!

Here are some highlights form the Booth family Easter weekend:

I asked my mom if the Easter Bunny was coming this year, and this is what she told me.

"No, the Easter Bunny is NOT coming this year. The Easter Bunny died. He's not coming. And I'm being serious. Sorry."

That is when all heck broke loose in the Booth household. My mom thought she could get away with it. So, upon waking up and realizing that my mom was NOT kidding, it was like the end of the world. I went down stairs to let my dog out, and there were our Easter baskets, still stuffed in our box filled with Easter decorations. There was no candy, no Easter grass, and not a jelly bean in sight. I wanted to cry.

My little sister refused to get out of bed. Every time my mom would try to make her wake up for church she would just turn her light back off and mumble something about the Easter Bunny being dead. She is 18.

I suggested boycotting the traditional pastel colored church clothes my mom loved us to wear every Easter. You'd think the Easter Bunny was one of our siblings, so great was our loss. I begrudgingly put on my cute Easter outfit and went to church. Once I got to Relief Society, I felt really stupid for being so grumpy about my lack of Easter candy. I realized that whether the Easter Bunny came or not, the Church was still true. Easter is not about the candy or the bunnies or Easter egg hunts. It is a celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ who has redeemed our souls from all our troubles. I can do without waking up to a basket full of candy. I'm priviledged enough to wake up every day with my testimony of the Savior, and I know that through him we can all be saved from our worldly ailments, injuries, sins and sorrows. Comparatively, my knowledge of the Gospel is infinitely more valuable than Cadbury Creme Eggs and Jelly Bellys.

Realizing that has made this the best Easter yet.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ha ha... life is sweet.

So, today I got to work an hour late. I felt sick and I missed my bus, and then I almost missed the next one too! I had to do the jog of shame some busgoers do when they realize they are going to be about 50 yards short of the bus stop when it pulls up. And the worst part is, everyone already on the bus can see you running. And they laugh at you.

I got to work eventually, but all the front desk spots were taken. When you're not at the front desk you spend more time on the phone, which I usually like but I just wasn't in the mood for it today. I logged on to my computer, and got sassed by a really mean mom as soon as I started answering calls. It ruined my life. After a while a front desk computer opened up, and so I went to sit at the front looking for relief. And of course the computer wouldn't start. I seriously felt like weeping. So I admit it, I sat there for about and hour and did absolutely nothing. My boss walked by, and I guiltily spat out:

"I GotHereAtElevenAndNowI'mWaitingForMyComputerToLoad!"

It was really smooth. NOT. She then looked at me and told me to come to her office because she and my manager needed to talk to me. It seemed like the day just kept getting awesomer and awesomer. Wait, did I say awesomer? That's not a word. What I probably meant to say was suckier and suckier. Also not a word, but more fitting.

I went into my boss's cubicle, ready to be chastised,
when she dropped the biggest bomb on me ever. She told me I was getting a promotion! Hahaha! I swear every time I do something lame I get a raise, and today was no different. Maybe I should miss the bus every day.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Love Cops

NO really, I do love cops. I've heard stories of people getting pulled over by the biggest badge wearing A-holes on the planet, but its never happened to me. I've only been pulled over one time, and the cop was really nice to me. I still got a ticket because I was speeding, but other than that I've never had a negative experience with a cop. I loved the D.A.R.E. cops in elementary school, (but not officer McRuff, we all knew that he was Dave the janitor with a big dog costume head on) and I loved our campus cops in Jr high at Centerville. Cops make me feel safe, and I like that security. Kaysville cops are kind of a joke, and BYU campus police are pretty lame, and the Provo Traffic cops SUCK. But when they aren't pulling you over they aren't TOO bad.

As most people know, my apartment was broken into back in October, and Michelle and I had our laptops stolen while we were still in bed. Sharon (my other less adored roommate) had already gone for the day, and since she thought we would be up soon she left the door unlocked. We mostly blame her for all our problems, and she hates me anyway so I'm okay with that.
I posted the whole story and warning on facebook right after it happened. Here's the short version: the creepy man came into our rooms while we were sleeping and entertained himself. That's AFTER he took our laptops. They were in the front room and so he really had no reason to be in our rooms at all. It took a while for my nerves to recover. Any time anyone opened a door in my apartment or any time I heard any kind of noise while I was falling asleep I would JUMP. It was horrible.

However, I can now sleep without any worries! I was at Denny's the other night with a couple of friends, and a cop walked in to bust up some loiterers who wouldn't leave the restaurant. I recognized him as officer Smith, and I waved at him. I'm pretty sure I lost all my street cred at that point but I didn't care. He looked at me all weird for a minute and then I asked him if he had ever found our laptops. He smiled as he remembered who I was, but then frowned when he told us they still hadn't recovered all the computers that were stolen. I asked him if they caught the guy who stole them, and he was way excited and said "Yah! We caught him three days ago!" Apparently this creepy guy had been wreaking havoc all over Provo without being caught for all these months. His crimes kept escalating from walk in burglaries to armed break ins to auto theft.

Its definitely lame that they couldn't find him for so long, but I can't help but laugh when I think about what officer Smith promised me when he took our original report. He said "If we ever catch this guy, I'll personally hold him up so that any girl whose room he's ever been in can kick him in the junk." As honorable as an offer that was, I think creepy man is getting his punishment fair and square in prison.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mary Jane

So. My roommate was looking over my shoulder today as I was blogging, and she goes:

"Is that a marijuana leaf??!!"

Me: "What?"

"That pink leaf on your background looks a lot like marijuana."

I looked at it for a minute, and my jaw dropped. I admit, it looks like pink cannabis. I'm really embarrassed, especially if anyone else noticed. My bad. A new background will be coming soon. Oops.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

What Was He Thinking?

So. I'm a tattletale, I readily admit it. Ask any one of my sisters or any of my friends. I half blame it on my talent for not being able to lie when people ask me questions, and half blame it on my thirst for the justice of those who do wrong. It was worse when I was little. If someone said a bad word, or took more treats then they were supposed to, or took more than their 5 allotted seconds at the drinking fountain I made sure they were brought to sweet justice. I mean, at this point in my life if someone is doing something shady I try to ignore it. Its not my place to call them out on their decisions, and if its not harming anyone other than themselves I just let them make their own mistakes. However, if their shadiness affects me or anyone I know, or anyone at all for that matter, I tend to either call them out, or just "tell on them." I think its wrong to knowingly ruin someone else's chances at having a good day, a good grade, or a good life. In fact it pisses me right off. So shady people and cheaters beware. I WILL give you attitude if you copy off of my paper in class, and I WILL sass you if you cut to the front of a really long line others have been fairly waiting in. Other than that, you will reap the rewards of the shady things you do.

For instance.. This student came into my office today to ask about a decision his instructor was making about his course. Apparently, the student turned in a written assignment and got a failing grade on it. SO, he resubmitted it to his teacher, but his teacher refused to give him a grade for it on account of suspicions of plagiarism. I looked up the student's file to tell him what the status was, and his instructor had posted a failing grade. Not for the assignment, but for the ENTIRE COURSE. When I broke the news to the student, he was outraged. "That's ridiculous!" he said and then he went on to explain that he had 15 days to complete this course to fill a requirement for graduation this spring. He asked if he could talk to anyone else about it to get it appealed, but I told him in situations like his, the instructor has absolute control over the outcome. He walked away, defeated. I have absolutely no sympathy for him. And I'll tell you why. When he was questioned earlier about the plagiarism he said, "I didn't know it was plagiarized when I turned it in. My wife wrote it for me"...


SO in his mind, plagiarism was understandably wrong, but having someone else write his paper for him was acceptable. Am I on crack or are those two circumstances in essence exactly the same thing? I mean, its sad that he tried to get away with his wife doing his homework for him, but the fact that he tried to use that as an excuse to avoid punishment just baffles me. The instructor was way pissed, and I won't be surprised if the kid doesn't graduate on account of the honor code office getting all up in his business. I'm pretty sure the instructor reported him.

Some people. I don't have any more words.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You Sir, Are A Kumquat

Sometimes at work, I talk to really interesting people on the phone. Sometimes they're really nice and are so grateful when I help them out. Sometimes though, they try to melt my brain with their Jedi mind tricks when they want something I just can't help them with. For instance: Today I was speaking with a man who applied to be a proctor for our tests but was rejected. To administer Independent Study tests there are certain guidlines that proctors and testing centers need to follow. Proctors need to be full time educators, and the man who applied was not an educator. He was an educational psychologist. So when he called in to ask why he was rejected, I was unprepared for how good he was at arguing and making me feel like an idiot. He kept twisting my words, and every time I tried to explain to him that his office was neither a school nor a testing center, he kept challenging the definitions of "school" and "testing center". He kept twisting my words and overused the comparison of "apples to oranges" so many times I wanted to poke my eyes out with my pencil. I just felt like screaming at him but I'm paid to keep my composure. After hanging up the phone I decided I needed to take a break and regroup. In my mind, apples would be representative of a proctor at a school. Oranges would be considered a testing center. This man just could not except that he was a Kumquat, and I swear I almost lost my mind.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Aggressive Shopping

Yesterday, to my roommate's embarrassment I took the bus to the grocery store. I'm not ashamed of taking the bus. I take it to work and back every day, and I like it. It forces me to be on time, because I know if I miss the bus I'm screwed and I'm going to be way late no matter what. When I have a car I tend to not leave my apartment until like 5 minutes before I need to be to work. In my head I think that'll just be able to drive super fast and get there on time, but thats never the case.

So. I took the bus to Smith's on 3rd North. They don't have a huge selection, I mean its no WalMart but it does just fine for my grocery needs. PLUS it takes a half hour to get to Walmart on the bus, and only 10 minutes to get to Smith's. I have to walk 2 blocks but hey, its exercise.

So I walked from the bus stop over to Smith's and started my speed shopping. I got there at 7:27 and I needed to catch the bus home by 8:21, which means I needed to be out of the store by 8:10 to allow for walking time carrying all my groceries. I was a power shopper last night. I think you can tell a lot about a person by how they act at the grocery store and what's in their cart. I obey the major rules of yeilding to other cart pushers in the end aisles if I'm coming to a regular aisle intersection, but other than that I'm a pretty aggressive shopper. If someone is standing in front of the cheese section forever debating between cheddar and colby jack for more than 30 seconds, I don't wait for them to move, I just reach in front of them and get my cheese. If I'm behind someone meandering along the cereal aisle I pass them like a racecar driver and grab the box I want. Its not that I'm impatient, I just don't have time.

So last night I needed to get some butter, and I was running out of time. There was this woman in the aisle with me and it was one of those awkward situations where you try to pass someone but you both go the same way to avoid the other person. And I knew that's how it was going to be, so I didn't even try to move. I just waited for her to move out of the way for me. Apparently that was a bad idea because she looked at me like I was cannibal. Seriously there was fear in her eyes. It was really weird but kind of funny. I then proceeded to the "self check out" because I swear that's all they have at Smith's these days. It kept giving me an error message and the little computer voice kept saying "please remove the last item bagged and scan it before placing it in the bag." So everyone was looking at me like I was stealing stuff. It was way lame. It wasn't the best shopping experience of my life, but it was pretty amusing nonetheless.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Does anyone else find themselves mildly attracted to Dwight Schrute? He's just so awkward and weird. And funny. In one episode of The Office, he dressed up like Jim, and he was not excruciatingly ugly my friends. Anyway. I'm much more enamored with the things he says than anything else.

Here are some of the best Dwight moments of all time:

"I am NOT a security threat. And my middle name is KURT. Not FART. "

"So you're PMSing pretty bad huh..."

"Every day for eight years I have brought pepper spray to work, and every day for eight years I have been laughed at. Well. Who's laughing now?"

"Yes, I have decided to shun Andy Bernard for the next three years. Which I’m looking forward to. It’s an Amish technique. It’s like slapping someone with silence. I was shunned from the age of four until my sixth birthday for not saving the excess oil from a can of tuna. "

"I never smile if I can help it. Showing one's teeth, is a submission signal in primates. Once someone smiles at me, All I see a chimpanzee begging for it's life."

"How would I describe myself? Three words — hardworking, alpha male, jackhammer. Merciless. Insatiable. "

"Once I’m officially regional manager, my first order of business will be to demote Jim Halpert. So I will need a new number two. My ideal choice? Jack Bauer. But he is unavailable. Fictional. And overqualified. "

"Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon, Studebaker, Television, North Korea, South Korea, Marilyn Monroe. Ryan started the fire!"

"I am not a hero. I am a mere defender of the office. You know who's a real hero? Hiro, from Heroes. That's a hero. "

"No, don’t call me a hero. Do you know who the real heroes are? The guys who wake up every morning and go into their normal jobs, and get a distress call from the commissioner, and take off their glasses and change into capes, and fly around fighting crime. Those are the real heroes. "

"A 30-year mortgage at Michael's age essentially means that he's buying a coffin. If I were buying my coffin, I would get one with thicker walls so you couldn't hear the other dead people. "

Friday, March 7, 2008

Taxes Taxes Bo Baxes

Banana Fana Fo Faxes.. Me My Mo Maxes... TAXES!

I adore taxes. Mostly because I really don't have to pay any at this point in my life. I just got my much anticipated tax return back and it just made my day. I love money. Not because I am a shallow money grubbing gold digger, but because having money in the bank just gives me a feeling of security and accomplishment. The best part is that its MY MONEY.

I'm still a baby economically speaking. My parents still claim me as a dependent because lets face it. I depend on them financially. I do pay some of my own bills but without my parents I wouldn't be able to pay rent or tuition by myself. I'm so grateful for how supportive they are. I always feel guilty when they throw me a bone but my Mom is great at convincing me she loves helping me out when I truly do need money to survive. Actually, she likes to tell me that her AND my Dad love giving me their money but I just can't picture my dad ever handing me a wad of cash with a smile on his face. Not because he doesn't love me. I know he does. He's just really responsible with his money. He's great at budgeting and saving and he works hard for it. I think a little piece of him dies every time my mom gives away his money. He's "happy" to help out, but that doesn't mean he enjoys it. Giving his hard earned money to his haphazard 20 year old daughter just doesn't really seem like something he's thrilled to do. You'd just have to meet my dad I guess. He really is soooooo generous with his time and service and he's so honest and he just has great values. He gives his family everything he has. Unfortunately he is a genius when it comes to technical things and math and computers and crap like that. He's very analytical. Why is that bad? Because I truly believe he has a running total of all our families assets permanently scrolling in his brain. He's very organized and any time any money goes anywhere, he likes to know about it. He's very aware of the daily subtraction. I know he trusts me though, and thats what counts.

Its nice to know that the money in my bank account right now is actually my money. Financial freedom is the bomb.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Work. Oh how I love it.

Independent Study, this is Kristin. How can I help you?

I've had an average of 7 calls an hour today. Lasting about 3 minutes each. So that leaves me 39 minutes an hour to entertain myself with uplifting activities. We are supposed to do homework, but I don't have any. Or we can read scriptures. Which I do, but I just can't read scriptures for 8 hours on end. I am finding myself in dire need of a good book. I'm planning on buying the complete works of Jane Austen once I get my tax return back. I mean, its only like $16 dollars but I currently have 35 cents in my bank account. I'm excited for it. I fell in love with the new Pride and Prejudice movie with Kiera Knightly, but I admit I've never read the book. I'm starting to look for good books to read, so if anyone has any suggestions I'm way open to them.

Tomorrow I'm going to bring my Joseph Smith manual to work (which by the way is the BOMB... seriously) so that I can catch up on relief society. I haven't been reading like I should before each lesson, but its not because I don't want to. I taught lesson 3 a couple weeks ago and it just blew me away. I've never been so excited to study a Relief Society manual as much as I have been for this one. Almost everything written in it is a direct quote from Joseph Smith himself, and lets face it. He's pretty good at the whole speaking with inspiration thing.

I'm also toying with the idea of reading "He's Just Not That Into You" for the 4th time. It just gives me a boost of confidence and a renewed resolution to stay away from guys I don't need to be dating. My dating life has not been as bleak lately as it has been in the past. Its actually pretty active, but I'm kind of a picky dater. Its not so much that I don't give guys a chance, its the fact that I have my own internal weirdo alarm. Sometimes I'll be on a date, and everything can be going fine but then all of a sudden I get this yucky feeling in my stomach. Its not a feeling of danger or fear, all I can describe it as is a feeling of not wanting to date that person. Its kind of a heightened awkward disgusted state that occurs even when the guy is goodlooking, nice, and attractive. It sucks. But I know its for the best. I really have not ever seriously dated anyone (shocker) but its not because I haven't had the opportunity. I have always turned down the opportunity because I know it isn't right. I've been really frustrated over it before, and I just pray and wonder why I haven't really dated. Sometimes I wish my inner alarm would just let me have fun and date even if that person isn't right for me. However, the answer is always the same. There is a specific kind of person, if not a singular specific person who is right for me. I can't deny that. Its something I've struggled with but its also something I'm very thankful for. How blessed I am to have a Heavenly Father who has given me this "talent" for instinctively knowing who not to date. Its ingrained in me, and no matter how good of an idea he seems to be be at the time, if he's not right for me I know it. Body and Mind. Its hard to date someone when they make you want to barf. Anyway. When I get discouraged because the barf alarm goes off more often than it just lets things be, this book helps me remember that I'm not just any girl, so I shouldn't want just any guy. It reminds me of all the crap I'm missing out on by not dating lame guys, and reminds me of what I should look for in a guy and what I can look forward to.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sometimes, commercials bother me. Sometimes, they make my day.

I hope you all have seen this commercial, you know, the one where the frog eats the Dentyne ice, and then the princess kisses him blah blah blah. Well, if you haven't seen it here it is:

I'm sorry but I am in love with the song that plays in the background. Its called Stuttering by Ben's Brother. When I first saw the commercial I didn't really listen to the words.. just to the chorus. I was in a sappy mood and so I downloaded it. As I listened to it, it was more upbeat than I remembered and it didn't fit the "I hate that Valentine's Day is coming and I'm single for the 7th year running" mood I was in. I put it on my MP3 player and forgot about its existence until yesterday. I was on the bus (don't judge me. I'm broke) and was listening to my sappy songs playlist, when this song came on. I actually listened to the words this time. And I just started giggling. Everyone on the bus probably thought I was an idiot but I couldn't help it. I invite you to read the words below. My favorite parts are bolded. Ya its a little naughty but not really. I liked it. I just love how the lyrics are all stuttery the whole song.. I can just picture some guy singing this to a girl trying to convince her to kiss him.. oh man. I love it.

Stuttering by Ben's Brother:

It's been, it's been, it's been, it's been
su-su-such a long time, long time, long time
since anybody touched me, touched me, touched me
the way that you.. touch me

So if I stutter, stutter, stutter
and I feel so so so unsexy...
Maybe I'll just keep my mouth shut,
at least until you.. kiss me..

So kiss me again
Cause only you can stop this stut-stut-stut-stuttering
Kiss me again
And ease my su-su su-su su-su su-su-su- suffering

I know I know it's so it's sy-sy-symbolic of everything
Everything that's wrong with me and you
So tell me what I'm supposed to do

Oh it's been ages
since we've been really honest
but I can make ch-ch-ch-changes if you really want this

So kiss me again
Cause only you can stop this stut-stut-stut-stuttering
Kiss me again
And ease my su-su su-su su-su su-su-su- suffering

Kiss me again
Cause only you can stop this stut-stut-stut-stut-stuttering
Kiss me again
And ease my su-su su-su su-su su-su-su- suffering
Kiss me again
Cause only you can stop this stut-stut-stut-stut-stuttering
Kiss me again
And ease my su-su su-su su-su su-su-su- suffering

Monday, March 3, 2008

Googley Eyes

So, I have this problem lately where my eyes just always want to go out of focus. I think I have a brain tumor or something. I can just be sitting staring into space, except my eyes don't stay focussed at all. I took a picture of my eyes one time when it was happening and I look like the inbred cousin of Bobby Bouche's dad from The Waterboy. But thats seriously what happens when they relax. Its really embarrassing. I need to go to the doctor. My eyes just keep getting tired and they just want to go crazy!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Many Faces of James McAvoy

I discovered him while watching Becoming Jane. And I fell absolutely unabashedly in love with him. He's a looker, and a lover, and the accent does NOT hurt.

Hmmm, dashing in real life also? Definitely. But then, after making my sister Tami watch Becoming Jane with me, (I wanted her to share my love for him) I thought she was a believer. But I guess something didn't sit well with her. She had seen him before, and then today, she ruined my life. She ruined my life by revealing one of James McAvoy's earlier endeavors in film. Please, weep with me:

NARNIA. The creepy shirtless Centaur. Why, Tami? WHY? Thanks. Thanks for ruining my LIFE.

I Am In LOVE With Working Again

Thursday was my official first day back to work after a long, restful, BORING month-and-a-half absence. I decided mid-January that I just got off to a really bad start to the semester. I was sick and sleeping 70% of my life away. I missed a ton of work and school. I would much rather take spring and summer classes than bust my A trying to make up for lost time.

One glitch... to work on campus for BYU as a non-student, I had to go through an appeal process which includes the BYU staff employment office talking one on one with my bishop WITHOUT me. Weird. Anyhoo, I guess I passed because I got to come back to work!

I love my office. Everyone was so excited to see me. I felt so loved. Its kind of weird answering phones and watching myself do things on the computer I haven't even thought about for 2 months.. its like my brain was on auto pilot. It knew what I was doing at some level, but its crazy how your memory can just kick in and take over when you're doing something that's only presently vaguely familiar. I was so overwhelmed at first, but I think I'm gonna get the hang of it real soon. Yay for money!