Thursday, March 13, 2008

What Was He Thinking?

So. I'm a tattletale, I readily admit it. Ask any one of my sisters or any of my friends. I half blame it on my talent for not being able to lie when people ask me questions, and half blame it on my thirst for the justice of those who do wrong. It was worse when I was little. If someone said a bad word, or took more treats then they were supposed to, or took more than their 5 allotted seconds at the drinking fountain I made sure they were brought to sweet justice. I mean, at this point in my life if someone is doing something shady I try to ignore it. Its not my place to call them out on their decisions, and if its not harming anyone other than themselves I just let them make their own mistakes. However, if their shadiness affects me or anyone I know, or anyone at all for that matter, I tend to either call them out, or just "tell on them." I think its wrong to knowingly ruin someone else's chances at having a good day, a good grade, or a good life. In fact it pisses me right off. So shady people and cheaters beware. I WILL give you attitude if you copy off of my paper in class, and I WILL sass you if you cut to the front of a really long line others have been fairly waiting in. Other than that, you will reap the rewards of the shady things you do.

For instance.. This student came into my office today to ask about a decision his instructor was making about his course. Apparently, the student turned in a written assignment and got a failing grade on it. SO, he resubmitted it to his teacher, but his teacher refused to give him a grade for it on account of suspicions of plagiarism. I looked up the student's file to tell him what the status was, and his instructor had posted a failing grade. Not for the assignment, but for the ENTIRE COURSE. When I broke the news to the student, he was outraged. "That's ridiculous!" he said and then he went on to explain that he had 15 days to complete this course to fill a requirement for graduation this spring. He asked if he could talk to anyone else about it to get it appealed, but I told him in situations like his, the instructor has absolute control over the outcome. He walked away, defeated. I have absolutely no sympathy for him. And I'll tell you why. When he was questioned earlier about the plagiarism he said, "I didn't know it was plagiarized when I turned it in. My wife wrote it for me"...


SO in his mind, plagiarism was understandably wrong, but having someone else write his paper for him was acceptable. Am I on crack or are those two circumstances in essence exactly the same thing? I mean, its sad that he tried to get away with his wife doing his homework for him, but the fact that he tried to use that as an excuse to avoid punishment just baffles me. The instructor was way pissed, and I won't be surprised if the kid doesn't graduate on account of the honor code office getting all up in his business. I'm pretty sure the instructor reported him.

Some people. I don't have any more words.


  1. I have to admit something now. At FFJH (Fairfield Falcons Junior High), we had a spanish class with Senora Curzon and we had to make a pinata. Well, I used my older sisters Camille's pinata (it was a cute cluster of grapes) instead of making my own. And I came to find out Camille used the same cluster of grapes that her friend Lindsay had made. So yes, this cluster got used at least 3 times without the teacher ever noticing...

  2. hahahahah!!! I love you cassie. I don't judge you. Making a pinata in jr high and writing a paper to graduate college are two different things. Long live the grapes!