Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Work. Oh how I love it.

Independent Study, this is Kristin. How can I help you?

I've had an average of 7 calls an hour today. Lasting about 3 minutes each. So that leaves me 39 minutes an hour to entertain myself with uplifting activities. We are supposed to do homework, but I don't have any. Or we can read scriptures. Which I do, but I just can't read scriptures for 8 hours on end. I am finding myself in dire need of a good book. I'm planning on buying the complete works of Jane Austen once I get my tax return back. I mean, its only like $16 dollars but I currently have 35 cents in my bank account. I'm excited for it. I fell in love with the new Pride and Prejudice movie with Kiera Knightly, but I admit I've never read the book. I'm starting to look for good books to read, so if anyone has any suggestions I'm way open to them.

Tomorrow I'm going to bring my Joseph Smith manual to work (which by the way is the BOMB... seriously) so that I can catch up on relief society. I haven't been reading like I should before each lesson, but its not because I don't want to. I taught lesson 3 a couple weeks ago and it just blew me away. I've never been so excited to study a Relief Society manual as much as I have been for this one. Almost everything written in it is a direct quote from Joseph Smith himself, and lets face it. He's pretty good at the whole speaking with inspiration thing.

I'm also toying with the idea of reading "He's Just Not That Into You" for the 4th time. It just gives me a boost of confidence and a renewed resolution to stay away from guys I don't need to be dating. My dating life has not been as bleak lately as it has been in the past. Its actually pretty active, but I'm kind of a picky dater. Its not so much that I don't give guys a chance, its the fact that I have my own internal weirdo alarm. Sometimes I'll be on a date, and everything can be going fine but then all of a sudden I get this yucky feeling in my stomach. Its not a feeling of danger or fear, all I can describe it as is a feeling of not wanting to date that person. Its kind of a heightened awkward disgusted state that occurs even when the guy is goodlooking, nice, and attractive. It sucks. But I know its for the best. I really have not ever seriously dated anyone (shocker) but its not because I haven't had the opportunity. I have always turned down the opportunity because I know it isn't right. I've been really frustrated over it before, and I just pray and wonder why I haven't really dated. Sometimes I wish my inner alarm would just let me have fun and date even if that person isn't right for me. However, the answer is always the same. There is a specific kind of person, if not a singular specific person who is right for me. I can't deny that. Its something I've struggled with but its also something I'm very thankful for. How blessed I am to have a Heavenly Father who has given me this "talent" for instinctively knowing who not to date. Its ingrained in me, and no matter how good of an idea he seems to be be at the time, if he's not right for me I know it. Body and Mind. Its hard to date someone when they make you want to barf. Anyway. When I get discouraged because the barf alarm goes off more often than it just lets things be, this book helps me remember that I'm not just any girl, so I shouldn't want just any guy. It reminds me of all the crap I'm missing out on by not dating lame guys, and reminds me of what I should look for in a guy and what I can look forward to.


  1. So obviously I am bored because this is the 2nd time I have blalked you today. But have you read the twilight series yet? If not I most definately reccomend them, no matter what anyone says. They are pretty much crack coccaine in a book, they are so addicting. You can read for like 900 hours and not even know it. Also, I must say that the person who GETS to marry you is going to be one lucky frijole, because you are freaking amazing. I never want to hook you up with anyone I know because most of the time I don't think they are even close to being good enough for you. Also, you are going to be the best wifey and mother ever, it will probably disgust me. Just kidding. I think you are wonderful, and amazing, and spiritual. And that is something I have always admired about you. I love you, tear tear. I know that I leave excessively long comments on your blog, but I like it, and I don't even care if you read them, I like to comment.

  2. ok. i burst out laughing like 4 times when i read this. then i called stephen, almost crying i was laughing so hard, and made him read it too. love you, love your blog, love your sister.

  3. Oh, my friend. I have a list of books for you. Expect them on your myspace email tomorrow.


    PS, mom has been exploring the joys of having a cameraphone today, and she took a picture of herself closing her eyes and goes, "This is what I'll look like when I'm dead...."

    It was funny.