Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter!

Here are some highlights form the Booth family Easter weekend:

I asked my mom if the Easter Bunny was coming this year, and this is what she told me.

"No, the Easter Bunny is NOT coming this year. The Easter Bunny died. He's not coming. And I'm being serious. Sorry."

That is when all heck broke loose in the Booth household. My mom thought she could get away with it. So, upon waking up and realizing that my mom was NOT kidding, it was like the end of the world. I went down stairs to let my dog out, and there were our Easter baskets, still stuffed in our box filled with Easter decorations. There was no candy, no Easter grass, and not a jelly bean in sight. I wanted to cry.

My little sister refused to get out of bed. Every time my mom would try to make her wake up for church she would just turn her light back off and mumble something about the Easter Bunny being dead. She is 18.

I suggested boycotting the traditional pastel colored church clothes my mom loved us to wear every Easter. You'd think the Easter Bunny was one of our siblings, so great was our loss. I begrudgingly put on my cute Easter outfit and went to church. Once I got to Relief Society, I felt really stupid for being so grumpy about my lack of Easter candy. I realized that whether the Easter Bunny came or not, the Church was still true. Easter is not about the candy or the bunnies or Easter egg hunts. It is a celebration of our Lord Jesus Christ who has redeemed our souls from all our troubles. I can do without waking up to a basket full of candy. I'm priviledged enough to wake up every day with my testimony of the Savior, and I know that through him we can all be saved from our worldly ailments, injuries, sins and sorrows. Comparatively, my knowledge of the Gospel is infinitely more valuable than Cadbury Creme Eggs and Jelly Bellys.

Realizing that has made this the best Easter yet.

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