Friday, March 7, 2008

Taxes Taxes Bo Baxes

Banana Fana Fo Faxes.. Me My Mo Maxes... TAXES!

I adore taxes. Mostly because I really don't have to pay any at this point in my life. I just got my much anticipated tax return back and it just made my day. I love money. Not because I am a shallow money grubbing gold digger, but because having money in the bank just gives me a feeling of security and accomplishment. The best part is that its MY MONEY.

I'm still a baby economically speaking. My parents still claim me as a dependent because lets face it. I depend on them financially. I do pay some of my own bills but without my parents I wouldn't be able to pay rent or tuition by myself. I'm so grateful for how supportive they are. I always feel guilty when they throw me a bone but my Mom is great at convincing me she loves helping me out when I truly do need money to survive. Actually, she likes to tell me that her AND my Dad love giving me their money but I just can't picture my dad ever handing me a wad of cash with a smile on his face. Not because he doesn't love me. I know he does. He's just really responsible with his money. He's great at budgeting and saving and he works hard for it. I think a little piece of him dies every time my mom gives away his money. He's "happy" to help out, but that doesn't mean he enjoys it. Giving his hard earned money to his haphazard 20 year old daughter just doesn't really seem like something he's thrilled to do. You'd just have to meet my dad I guess. He really is soooooo generous with his time and service and he's so honest and he just has great values. He gives his family everything he has. Unfortunately he is a genius when it comes to technical things and math and computers and crap like that. He's very analytical. Why is that bad? Because I truly believe he has a running total of all our families assets permanently scrolling in his brain. He's very organized and any time any money goes anywhere, he likes to know about it. He's very aware of the daily subtraction. I know he trusts me though, and thats what counts.

Its nice to know that the money in my bank account right now is actually my money. Financial freedom is the bomb.

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