Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I Love Cops

NO really, I do love cops. I've heard stories of people getting pulled over by the biggest badge wearing A-holes on the planet, but its never happened to me. I've only been pulled over one time, and the cop was really nice to me. I still got a ticket because I was speeding, but other than that I've never had a negative experience with a cop. I loved the D.A.R.E. cops in elementary school, (but not officer McRuff, we all knew that he was Dave the janitor with a big dog costume head on) and I loved our campus cops in Jr high at Centerville. Cops make me feel safe, and I like that security. Kaysville cops are kind of a joke, and BYU campus police are pretty lame, and the Provo Traffic cops SUCK. But when they aren't pulling you over they aren't TOO bad.

As most people know, my apartment was broken into back in October, and Michelle and I had our laptops stolen while we were still in bed. Sharon (my other less adored roommate) had already gone for the day, and since she thought we would be up soon she left the door unlocked. We mostly blame her for all our problems, and she hates me anyway so I'm okay with that.
I posted the whole story and warning on facebook right after it happened. Here's the short version: the creepy man came into our rooms while we were sleeping and entertained himself. That's AFTER he took our laptops. They were in the front room and so he really had no reason to be in our rooms at all. It took a while for my nerves to recover. Any time anyone opened a door in my apartment or any time I heard any kind of noise while I was falling asleep I would JUMP. It was horrible.

However, I can now sleep without any worries! I was at Denny's the other night with a couple of friends, and a cop walked in to bust up some loiterers who wouldn't leave the restaurant. I recognized him as officer Smith, and I waved at him. I'm pretty sure I lost all my street cred at that point but I didn't care. He looked at me all weird for a minute and then I asked him if he had ever found our laptops. He smiled as he remembered who I was, but then frowned when he told us they still hadn't recovered all the computers that were stolen. I asked him if they caught the guy who stole them, and he was way excited and said "Yah! We caught him three days ago!" Apparently this creepy guy had been wreaking havoc all over Provo without being caught for all these months. His crimes kept escalating from walk in burglaries to armed break ins to auto theft.

Its definitely lame that they couldn't find him for so long, but I can't help but laugh when I think about what officer Smith promised me when he took our original report. He said "If we ever catch this guy, I'll personally hold him up so that any girl whose room he's ever been in can kick him in the junk." As honorable as an offer that was, I think creepy man is getting his punishment fair and square in prison.


  1. Oh, I'm so glad that creepy man was caught. Also I believe Kristin that if you were ever in a life threatening position, you have the cajones to serverly hurt anyone who would try to harm you or someone around you. I truly believe that. Also I thought I would enlighten with some tales of me and officers. Well, while I was at BYU-I I had accumlated numerous parking tickets and one day I parked in a parking lot that I was not supposed to, and I got a ticket with a little note written on it. I personally bealive it was supposed to say, "Observe signs more carefully", but instead it said, "Observe sins more carefully". I tried not to take offense to this, and plus when did parking violations become a sin? Another time I was coming home from a friends house in Syracuse, and I got pulled over 3 times. Yup, thats right. I was with Camille, and my cousin Syd, and by the third time we were just laughing when the officer got to my car. After I told him that it was the third time, he said sorry and that it was just a really slow night. Also, I have gotten a lot of tickets. So many actually that I had to do driving school, BUT I have never gotten a ticket in Utah, only Idaho and Wyoming. I have been ticket free for almost three years though.

  2. Yay for him being caught! And I love cops too. This news makes my heart happy.