Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ha ha... life is sweet.

So, today I got to work an hour late. I felt sick and I missed my bus, and then I almost missed the next one too! I had to do the jog of shame some busgoers do when they realize they are going to be about 50 yards short of the bus stop when it pulls up. And the worst part is, everyone already on the bus can see you running. And they laugh at you.

I got to work eventually, but all the front desk spots were taken. When you're not at the front desk you spend more time on the phone, which I usually like but I just wasn't in the mood for it today. I logged on to my computer, and got sassed by a really mean mom as soon as I started answering calls. It ruined my life. After a while a front desk computer opened up, and so I went to sit at the front looking for relief. And of course the computer wouldn't start. I seriously felt like weeping. So I admit it, I sat there for about and hour and did absolutely nothing. My boss walked by, and I guiltily spat out:

"I GotHereAtElevenAndNowI'mWaitingForMyComputerToLoad!"

It was really smooth. NOT. She then looked at me and told me to come to her office because she and my manager needed to talk to me. It seemed like the day just kept getting awesomer and awesomer. Wait, did I say awesomer? That's not a word. What I probably meant to say was suckier and suckier. Also not a word, but more fitting.

I went into my boss's cubicle, ready to be chastised,
when she dropped the biggest bomb on me ever. She told me I was getting a promotion! Hahaha! I swear every time I do something lame I get a raise, and today was no different. Maybe I should miss the bus every day.

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