Saturday, March 1, 2008

I Am In LOVE With Working Again

Thursday was my official first day back to work after a long, restful, BORING month-and-a-half absence. I decided mid-January that I just got off to a really bad start to the semester. I was sick and sleeping 70% of my life away. I missed a ton of work and school. I would much rather take spring and summer classes than bust my A trying to make up for lost time.

One glitch... to work on campus for BYU as a non-student, I had to go through an appeal process which includes the BYU staff employment office talking one on one with my bishop WITHOUT me. Weird. Anyhoo, I guess I passed because I got to come back to work!

I love my office. Everyone was so excited to see me. I felt so loved. Its kind of weird answering phones and watching myself do things on the computer I haven't even thought about for 2 months.. its like my brain was on auto pilot. It knew what I was doing at some level, but its crazy how your memory can just kick in and take over when you're doing something that's only presently vaguely familiar. I was so overwhelmed at first, but I think I'm gonna get the hang of it real soon. Yay for money!

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