Saturday, March 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home

You better believe I snagged myself a contract at these cute townhouses. Get this... Private room, private balcony, private BATHROOM, and there's a freaking fireplace! They're called Aretta Gardens and they're like 3 blocks from campus and one block from the bus stop. I think I just achieved nirvana. They are a little different from the ones below... but who freaking cares!? And the rent is amazing. AMAZING. Just in case anyone tries to steal my glorious find, the owner is holding it for me. She lives out of state and is mailing me my contract. I heart her. I can't wait until I'm far, far away from my crazy present landlady. Yogi Yogi Yogi!


  1. Hhhhheeeeh....HI SIS! (ALA Even Stevens)


  2. i ALWAYS wanted to live in those. or at least ones like those. go you. =)

  3. Yay thats awesome I am way happy for you! And I am so pleased that you blog stalked me cuz your blog is so fun! I miss you and enjoy reading your fun Kristen thoughts!