Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nicole Booth vs. Jess Day

I recently binged on watching as many episodes of "New Girl" as I could find streaming online. And I basically found them all. And watched them in marathon mode. This got me thinking: my little sister Nicole is the original Jess Day. They are definitely quirky in different ways, but the similarities between the two are just too intense to be coincidental. I'm convinced that the writers for the show follow Nicole around and constantly take notes. This is what their little steno pads must look like on the daily:

"Dark dark hair. Blue eyes. Sometimes glasses."

"Tons of guys constantly swirling around her."

"Shamelessly wears full length matching pajamas despite having an excellent figure to show off. Interesting."

"Random acts of song and dance."

"Strange noises in awkward situations."

"Has dated a toxic asshat or two. Interesting dynamic. May be interesting to revisit that."

"May or may not cry. No warning."

"Loves kids. Treats them as if they are her own. Even when they are annoying? Fascinating."

"Slight drama-geek flavor."

"Loves wearing cute clothing, having cute things, being cute, etc. Basically a cute overload."

"Says very funny and unexpected swears."

"Uses odd voices at any given time discussing any given topic."

"Dabbles in the artistic. Knits sporadically."

"Cannot, for the life of her, hide her emotions. Wide array of facial expressions used liberally."

And now for a visual:

I'm onto you, New Girl.


  1. Hahaha! I've never watched an episode of the new girl, and I don't know your sister especially well.... That being said this is hilarious, awesome list. Btw, your sister is awesome and she really is great with kids, Leo loves her!

  2. ummm this is beyond perfect. way to put it all together! i loveeee it!