Friday, May 30, 2008


Mawaige is what bwings us to-gether to-day. Well, its what brought me to write this blog. Lets talk about it. So. I was facebooking today.. you know.. just browsing classmates who graduated in my high school class. And I kid you not, like 75 percent of the girls had new last names. Really? Everyone married by age 21? I seem to have missed the memo. I really don't have an opinion about what age you should be married at, I mean how could I. Marriage is something you have to individually prepare for. If you feel you are ready to be married by age 20, and its right for you, then there is nothing wrong with being married by that age. I just never thought I would feel like an old maid at 21. For real. And thats not saying I want to get married right this second. Its not that I feel like I should be married by now, because I don't feel that way at all. But all around me, at least in my home town, the norm seems to be that most women are married by age 21. Really? I don't know its just blowing me away.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Benches and Such

So I have this obsession with park benches. I love looking at photography of all kinds, (no, not porn. That is a given) but when I see a pretty picture, and there is an empty park bench there I could just look at it forever. The bench has to be empty. Which could be recognizant of a few things.

It could appeal to me because I can appreciate simple things, sometimes even minimalist art if I’m in the right mood. Maybe it’s the plainness that draws me in.

Or. Its because I like to just sit sometimes outside and do nothing. You know… Just observe. I’d like to be in any of these places and just enjoy it.

Then there’s option number three. If I were only concerned with sitting, you’d think a chair would be just fine. But I HATE pictures where there is just a chair, or rocking chair, or basically any picture where there is only room for one person. I think I have this fascination with benches because not only would I like to be in that place, I’d like to be there with someone.

Who needs dr. Phil. I’ve just had a breakthrough. I’m sick of being the only person on the bench. When I look at an empty bench, there is always the possibility for it to be filled with me and someone else.
Unless a homeless person lays down there. Tangent. Anyway. If a girl sits on that bench with me, I would be pissed. I think I’m subconsciously saving that seat for Mr. Right. Not the relief society president. I am not on that bench because I need a friend, so back off.

And there we have it. The bench is empty. I don’t want to sit there unless it’s with someone I know I want to be next to. And that empty bench is full of possibilities.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Okay, so I was tagged a while ago and started this a while ago and just finished it (5.22.08) Sorry. Sue me.

20 years ago: 20 Years ago I was quickly approaching my 1st birthday. My mom never let me cry, because every time I cried it ended in barf. Every single time. What can I say. I'm very close to my emotions. And breakfast.

10 years ago: 10 years ago I was basically a 5th grader trapped in a 15 year old's body. I had a green and blue blotchy patterned retainer, which Dave the janitor at Glenmoor had to fish out of the lunch room garbage cans from time to time. Someone needs to find that man and give him a medal.

5 years ago: 5 years ago I was about to turn 16, which is an age loaded with exciting new liberties. I was about to get my license, and the ever looming dating age hung right before me. Little did I know my 16th year of life would bring with it the worst blind date ever, an embarrassing collision with the neighbor's PARKED car, my first real job, and developing some of the very best friendships I've ever had. I was a little bit emotionally unstable, but at least there was no barf finale whenever I cried.

The Blind Date to End All Blind Dates

3 years ago: I had just been accepted to BYU and planned on going there in the fall. I never ever wanted to go to BYU, but I just felt like it was right and its been one of the best decisions I've ever made. (And no, I am NOT earning my MRS. Degree... College is awesome and I've learned so much!) I graduated Davis High with Honors, and began working in an office for Abercrombie & Fitch doing inbound customer service calls. Picture the snobbiest customers in the world, and then multiply that by a THOUSAND. And thats what I dealt with every day. But it taught me so much patience I can't say I regret it.

Oh Senior Year. Such a joy.

1 year ago: I had just successfully completed my 3rd semester at BYU, and had been through a year of CRAZY-A roommates that would make any sane college student lose their mind.

These are not them:
Oh, and Cassie had the most beautiful baby boy George last year too.
Yesterday: I rode various UTA vehicles to salt lake for mother's day so that my mom wouldn't have to drive all the way down to provo to pick me up. It took a whopping 2 and a half HOURS just to get from Provo to Temple Square via bus and trax. I really don't want to talk about it.

Today: Today is Mother's day. We made dinner for mom.. and gave her some sweet presents and basically just celebrated how awesome a mother she is.

Tomorrow: I will go back to Provo, to crazy independent study office life, and count down to my 21st Birthday!! And I will get to drive the Saturn back and keep it for a few days, a token for my travel troubles.
This year: Is going to be excellent. I have a great apartment, a pretty sweet new ward, and high hopes. I'm going to get healthy and I'm gonna "get whut I wan" - Kelly. You know.

This one:

Friday, May 9, 2008


The World is Just Awesome

This commercial warms my heart. As most of you know, I am obsessed with the Discovery Channel. My TV (a sweet 1996 27'' Mitsubishi hand-me-down from Mom and Pop) currently only successfully broadcasts about 10 channels. The cable jack in the back of my TV fell out one day, because it was tired of being jiggled. Any time the picture got fuzzy, we would just jiggle the cable jack until the snowiness subsided. Once the jack reached its breaking point (literally) I had a friend jimmy rig it for me so that it could still be watched. He soldered the jack back in, but with limited channel access. Somehow, (cough cough) I put the test channel on Discovery while he was fixing it.. so for sure that one would work.

I am a colossal nerd. So sue me.

Anyway, I love everything about the Discovery Channel, because I really do think "The World is Just Awesome" .

Lets talk about this commercial now. My favorite segments include Bear Grylls's tender proclamation of his love for the whole world to a scorpion, Adam lighting Jamie's sleeve on fire, Mike Rowe's admiration of "real dirty things..." , that weird mummy lady, and the tribal warrior screaming BOOMDIADA!!!!

I seriously could not love a human baby more than this commercial. Okay well I take that back, but my heart definitely sings along whenever this clip comes on TV. The world is just awesome.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Taxes Suck.

Mmmmkay So... remember that one time where I wrote a blog about how wonderful tax refunds were? Well. I take it back. It would just much rather the government not take my money in the first place. The paycheck I'll be getting tomorrow will be missing 23% of my earnings. LAME. That means one out of every four dollars I earn never even makes it into my bank account. Don't get me wrong. I'm totally blessed to have such an awesome job and to be able to work and live in a free country, and its not that I hate taxes in general, I know freedom isn't free... it just kind of pisses me off that they take money from me, and I have to wait a whole year before I get it back. If I'm getting it back anyway, why take it? I'm sure there is an explanation and that if I researched it I could probably understand the reasoning to be logical, but for right now I'd much rather just hate the government for taking hard earned dolla dolla bills. My poor little poopsies.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day Makers and Breakers.

I have had some more spectacular days lately, and I think its time for a list of the latest Day Makers I have encountered.

Day Maker Number1: Realizing that the very first boy you ever kissed remembers you, remembers where when and why you kissed, and contacts you after 8 years just to say "Hey". Does the math seem a little shady? I am sorry, I admit it. My very first kiss was in the 7th grade. Shame on me. But it was cute nonetheless.

Number 2. I have been going to the gym every day (except Sundays) for the last 5 days and I have been LOVING it. Whats even better.. is that working out has miraculously cleared up my skin. Excellent.

Number 3. Getting Promoted at work. Nice.

Number 4. Realizing that its almost my birthday! It totally snuck up on me.

Yay for day makers!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Done... moving in!

Not perfect yet... but its clean to the point that looking at it doesn't give me anxiety. In fact, I pretty much love me room.