Saturday, May 24, 2008

Benches and Such

So I have this obsession with park benches. I love looking at photography of all kinds, (no, not porn. That is a given) but when I see a pretty picture, and there is an empty park bench there I could just look at it forever. The bench has to be empty. Which could be recognizant of a few things.

It could appeal to me because I can appreciate simple things, sometimes even minimalist art if I’m in the right mood. Maybe it’s the plainness that draws me in.

Or. Its because I like to just sit sometimes outside and do nothing. You know… Just observe. I’d like to be in any of these places and just enjoy it.

Then there’s option number three. If I were only concerned with sitting, you’d think a chair would be just fine. But I HATE pictures where there is just a chair, or rocking chair, or basically any picture where there is only room for one person. I think I have this fascination with benches because not only would I like to be in that place, I’d like to be there with someone.

Who needs dr. Phil. I’ve just had a breakthrough. I’m sick of being the only person on the bench. When I look at an empty bench, there is always the possibility for it to be filled with me and someone else.
Unless a homeless person lays down there. Tangent. Anyway. If a girl sits on that bench with me, I would be pissed. I think I’m subconsciously saving that seat for Mr. Right. Not the relief society president. I am not on that bench because I need a friend, so back off.

And there we have it. The bench is empty. I don’t want to sit there unless it’s with someone I know I want to be next to. And that empty bench is full of possibilities.


  1. who needs dr. phil. not you. you are a rockin blog writer. =)

  2. Amen. I love benches too.