Friday, May 9, 2008


The World is Just Awesome

This commercial warms my heart. As most of you know, I am obsessed with the Discovery Channel. My TV (a sweet 1996 27'' Mitsubishi hand-me-down from Mom and Pop) currently only successfully broadcasts about 10 channels. The cable jack in the back of my TV fell out one day, because it was tired of being jiggled. Any time the picture got fuzzy, we would just jiggle the cable jack until the snowiness subsided. Once the jack reached its breaking point (literally) I had a friend jimmy rig it for me so that it could still be watched. He soldered the jack back in, but with limited channel access. Somehow, (cough cough) I put the test channel on Discovery while he was fixing it.. so for sure that one would work.

I am a colossal nerd. So sue me.

Anyway, I love everything about the Discovery Channel, because I really do think "The World is Just Awesome" .

Lets talk about this commercial now. My favorite segments include Bear Grylls's tender proclamation of his love for the whole world to a scorpion, Adam lighting Jamie's sleeve on fire, Mike Rowe's admiration of "real dirty things..." , that weird mummy lady, and the tribal warrior screaming BOOMDIADA!!!!

I seriously could not love a human baby more than this commercial. Okay well I take that back, but my heart definitely sings along whenever this clip comes on TV. The world is just awesome.


  1. Gurlfriend, we need to plan an OG (Olive Garden) dinner for your burthday!

  2. P.S. I have a crush on Bear Grylls. Don't tell Jason, but I think he is so cute and manly (he kinda looks like Jason too).

  3. Ba haha, i do too! So. OG plans... Friday is going to be family time.... lets go sometime saturday. Sound good?

  4. Saturday is Jason's grandma's 80th birthday, and we have to go to a party...yes I know you're jealous

  5. OOh you are lucky!! well, we'll figure something out.