Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Many Faces of James McAvoy

I discovered him while watching Becoming Jane. And I fell absolutely unabashedly in love with him. He's a looker, and a lover, and the accent does NOT hurt.

Hmmm, dashing in real life also? Definitely. But then, after making my sister Tami watch Becoming Jane with me, (I wanted her to share my love for him) I thought she was a believer. But I guess something didn't sit well with her. She had seen him before, and then today, she ruined my life. She ruined my life by revealing one of James McAvoy's earlier endeavors in film. Please, weep with me:

NARNIA. The creepy shirtless Centaur. Why, Tami? WHY? Thanks. Thanks for ruining my LIFE.


  1. hahahahahahhahaha. I'm so sorry, Kris. You were going to find out sooner or later. I felt like I was revealing the lie of Santa Claus to an 11 year old- Painful, but necessary.

    Whatever, though. He's still sexy.

  2. Kristin! I am so happy you are a blogger! And as for cute James McAvoy I just saw him on Saturday in Penelope, ooh it was good, and he was so handsome, and romantic (kinda), but cute. I loved it, you need to see it. I miss you, you need to come down!

  3. Yay blog world! I love you! I'm excited to be blog friends...p.s. the Holly quote's the best ha ha "And by get ready I mean put on a bra"