Monday, March 31, 2008

Spectacular Vernacular

So, I've been reading this book. Its like, 1400 pages or something like that. It's the complete works of Jane Austen. My biggest reason for buying it was because I just really like the cover hahaha! I was going to only buy Pride and Prejudice at first, but after I saw "Becoming Jane" I wanted to get my hands on everything she's ever written. This compilation was the cutest one. I've already read Sense and Sensibility and now I'm on Pride and Prejudice. I absolutely love it. Sense and Sensibility was kind of long and drawn out and then it was resolved too quickly for me to really enjoy the ending. Everyone says it's they're favorite one, but I'm not crazy about it. It was good. I mean, I giggled at some parts and my little heart ached for both girls when the guys they were in love with were being idiots. However, I'm half way through P&P and I already like it a lot more than Sense and Sensibility. It may just be that I'm able to follow it more closely since I watched the movie before reading it. Who knows. But I love Mr. Darcy, you learn more about how much in love with Elizabeth he is in the book than you learn in the movie. Be still my girlish heart.

Another plus that comes from reading such a monstrous book is the awesome amount of new words that keep being unconsciously added to my vocabulary while I read. For example... monstrous. Who says that? Honestly. I don't mind though. It makes me sound more refined. I give this book an A+ so far. Anyone want to borrow it when I'm done? Or you can just get it on for like $16.00. I recommend it. Its a gem.


  1. 'be still my girlish heart.' i love you.

  2. No, YOUR'RE a gem. Bah ha.

    So, you should be glad you don't live at home on days like April Fools day. Nuts.

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