Friday, April 4, 2008

Here's to Six Years...

This week (we'll pretend I don't know it to the day) marks a bittersweet anniversary for me. This week also has been the busiest week at work all year, and its significance almost completely slipped my mind. I again became sharply aware of its importance, however, when I came across one of my favorite movies of all time being played on Oxygen tonight. I try to avoid the Oxygen network at all costs, and loathe its advertising as "a place for women" or whatever the crap their catch phrase is. Its a lame channel with lame shows that are meant to entertain women, but most of the things they air reek of the very storylines that even romance novel publishers would refuse for lack of class.

Anyway. The movie showing tonight is the newest hollywood rendition of "Pride and Prejudice" which I've seen over and over again but can't seem to get tired of. It especially caught my eye as I was flipping channels since I'm just about finished reading the book. I adore it. I watched from the middle of the movie to the cute little happy ending, which is what finally jogged my memory.

So here's a little shout out for my personal celebration. Some of you know what its about, and some of you don't and never will. Hopefully though, I won't be celebrating it next year : )


  1. Mysterious...all I have to say is should I know, because I thought I knew, and then you threw me off, and now I don't know. Should I be worried, do you need me to come down? Now I'm worried..

  2. Hahahaha. I'm sure you know. Its more of an anniversary of something NOT happening for six years.

  3. involuntarily wetting your pants? awesome. im just not too sure why you would want that to happen nor why pride & prejudice reminds you of such an embarrassing part of your past...