Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day Makers and Breakers

I've had some great days and some lousy days lately, and I think I should jot down some things that make (or break) my day.

Day Maker:

Thinking you don't look so hot, but then a guy does something stupid to impress you anyway. Today was a blustery cold day, and I was walking to my apartment from the bus stop. This guy was across the street talking to a friend, and they kind of smiled at me when I walked by. It suprised me because I really didn't get ready at all today. I didn't even have mascara on and my hair was all blown everywhere. Anyway. I passed them and just kept walking without looking back. A couple seconds later, the guy sprinted past me (he was wearing work out clothes.. he wasn't just running in regular clothes like a nerd late for class) and then he was out of sight. Well, he thought he was out of sight, because he looked back and couldn't see me, so he stopped running and took a breather hahaha. Nice. But he could have just said hi.

Day Breaker:

Yesterday, I had to walk across campus in the freezing wind, wearing a super thin slightly billowy skirt and no jacket. It was one of those days where the morning starts off way nice and warm and sunny, but turns into an afternoon of snow flurries and biting wind as the storm blows in. AND. The wind was hitting me from behind. So, my skirt was sticking to my bum and NOTHING was left to the imagination. That is not okay with me. I don't even swim without my derriere veiled by a skirt made of sturdy fabric. (My research as a curvacious woman shows that skirts reveal less than shorts do when they're wet.) So, I was very cold, and very exposed (without really being exposed) all the way to the bus stop. Maybe someone should buy me a car. I think that would be a day maker.

For the record, I was definately not as glamorous as this:

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