Thursday, April 24, 2008

Slacking, Packing, and Snacking

I am so good at titling my blogs. Lately, I have been slacking in the packing department. I have to be out of my apartment in 48 hours, but I guess with the cup half full I get to move into my new apartment in 48 hours! I have not packed, cleaned or prepared at all. I bought bins and storage bags but I haven't filled them with anything. I have been doing all my laundry though. Yay for me. And this is my favorite detergent. It makes my laundry smell lovely.

But I'm going to be sorting my life away tonight. Not sorting laundry, sorting junk. I tend to keep things I really don't need to keep.

For anyone who knows me, throwing things away is a huge challenge. I have been a pack rat ever since I was a tiny little kid. I'm talking preschool. Pretty much from the time I could pick things up I started keeping odds and ends. One could call it hoarding. I wasn't a shady kid who stole things though. I found most of my treasures bound for the garbage can. For some reason, I just could not bear to watch my mom throw away egg cartons, toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls or anything else I felt I might be able to use later in my creative endeavors. I kept broken toys, rather, the pieces that fell off of the toys, stray pieces of styrofoam, plastic, and cardboard. It got to the point that my mom got me a plastic drawer to keep my stuff in. We called it my "junk drawer" but it was well known that nothing in that drawer was junk to me, and if anyone threw it away I was gong to have a problem with them. I loved making things out of my treasures, including a pretty cool (to me at least) obstacle course I made for a marble I found in my closet one time. I saw this picture on the web, and it reminded me of my earlier hoarding days. It would have been a treasure trove:

I'm pretty good about not keeping pieces of garbage anymore, but I still keep knick knacks and just random things like nobody's business. I just can't help it. I can't throw away anything that I think I'll use later. I have a whole box of "junk" under my bed that I haven't touched for a year, but its still going to be a struggle to get rid of all that stuff.

As for snacking I've done PLENTY of that this week. I think when I get stressed out, refined sugar just makes me feel so much better about the world. My recent weaknesses: bavarian cream filled triangle pastries from 7/11 and cream soda. Pretty much the most concentration of sugar you can get in one sitting. Its great. And it will be my downfall until I'm all resettled in my new apartment.


  1. So now that you mentioned bavarian cream, thats all I can think about. Thanks a lot. P.S. You should buy a labeler, it takes the "being a pat rack" to a whole new dimesion...

  2. I remember you having alot of shoeboxes as well. Mom would always go,'Don't throw that away! We can make a barbie closet out of it!"... hahhaha.