Monday, April 28, 2008

Moving In!

This is phase 1. Everything I own in a pile in the middle of my room. Excellent.

This is phase 2. No more pile, just crudely sorted and stacked.

Phase 3. Instead of unpacking, I spend three hours sweeping, mopping (seriously I had to swab it like a pirate ship. It was so dirty) and decorating my balcony with Christmas Lights. Not really a top priority, but I love love love it and it'll be a nice place to take a break from unpacking, once I actually start unpacking again.


  1. And remember, as you stare across your lovely balcony to the old brown building we like to call Victoria Place phase II, think of me and my days there. That and your church building rocks. I'm jealous. But the balcony looks great and I totally want to come visit!

  2. yay for balconies! They make me want to just sit and read a magazine, with some lemonade. How splendid.