Monday, April 7, 2008

I've been tagged.

Serves me right for being such a blog stalker.... : )

What were you doing 10 years ago?

Ten years ago I was getting ready to turn 11. I was in the 5th grade at Glenmoor Elementary School. I thought I was Sporty spice, and my group of friends and I even did a dance to a mix of Spice Girls songs for the talent show. I had painfully skinny limbs, I was 5'6'', and everyone called me daddy long legs. I was really obnoxious, and I played basketball.. go Glenmoor Wildcats! I had a hopeless crush on Stephen Sokolowski, played football with the boys from my neighborhood, and riding my bike to school was no longer cool. The song "Heaven" by Nu Flavor was constantly being overplayed on my mix tape, and my world ended when my lunch, and glasses were stolen. Whoever thought reading "dear mr. henshaw" to a group of prepubescent hooligans would be a good idea was wrong. I'm pretty sure no one thought about stealing lunches until we actually started reading that book in class.

5 Things on my to do list today...

*Work out - My mom and I are doing what she likes to call: "Celebrity Fat Club"
*Do laundry - I need to get it all done! All of it. All. Everything.
*Start gathering and organizing my belongings - sort of a 'pre-packing' for when I move into my dream apartments. Yessss.
*Go to FHE, and face a possible nay positively awkward situation.
*Find something to eat for dinner.

5 Snacks I enjoy...

*Hostess pudding pies. Yummm.
*Slimfast shakes (Oxymoron huh?)
*Guacamole and chips.. mmm.

3 Bad Habits...

*Biting my nails
*Snacking... a little too much
*Spending a little too much time online.

If I were suddenly a billionaire...

I really think after paying tithing, I would pay for all my siblings college expenses, and spoil my parents. My parents rarely buy anything for themselves. I would have to figure out how to get them to accept it though. After setting aside enough to provide for my basic needs for thy rest of my life (including my family and future family) I would travel. But here's the thing. I would travel around the world searching for people more deserving of my money than me. I mean for real. Its lame to keep all that mulah to yourself.

4 Places I have lived...

*Fremont California
*Kaysville Utah
*Provo Utah
*Really? Only 3? How embarrassing. I need to get out more.

5 Jobs I have had...

*Coldstone Creamery - horrible pay, but so delicious.
*Candy Campus Daycare - Illegal for sure. I was a minor. But I think I did a lot of good for a lot of those kids. I gave them love their parents wouldn't.
* 24 hour fitness Kids Club! - One of my favs. I got to play with people's kids while they worked out. I changed no diapers and mastered the Xbox snowboarding game Extreme Avalanche 1080 or something like that.
* Barnes and Noble - Medium pay, but such a charming atmosphere. I love the smell of starbucks, and I got to browse thousands of books on my downtime.
* BYU Independent Study - Such a great job! Time flies so fast at work. I get to do my homework and read and meet a ton of guys. Sorry, but it really is one of my favorite perks. I also like answering phones and helping cute little stressed out moms get their kids through highschool. My bosses are amazing, and even though I get chewed out by customers sometimes, the good far outweighs the bad.

5 Things people don't know about me....

*I am an avid Discovery Channel fan. I can't help it. I'm such a nerd.
*I know how to drive my dad's boat, and I'm the only girl in my family who actually likes doing it.
*I received a 0.8 GPA my freshman year of college, following a cumulative 3.5 in highschool. Oops.
*I am probably one of the mushiest lovey doviness loving people ever.
*I really can't think of anything else. I'm pretty shameless and open.

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  1. this was the funniest thing i've read since hagrid gave dudley a pig tail.