Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ding Dong ... My Phone Is Dead

Which old phone? It's Kristin's phone. Ding Dong ... Kristin's phone is dead.... Okay so now picture a thousand sad little munchkins singing that song and weeping. That's how I feel. My phone is dead, and its just really not an opportune time for that to happen. I have a ton of stress already, and then today my phone broke in half. I seriously want to cry. Its emotional, because I loved that phone and I lost all my contacts, but everything will be okay. I just found out I have 250 more dollars in my bank account than I thought I would have, and so I can buy a new phone. That money really is a huge blessing. I swear it doesn't make sense how it got there, but it really doesn't matter. I paid all my backlogged tithing a couple weeks ago, and all my money problems disappeared today. Hmm. Cooincidence? I think not. I love the gospel. I have a lot to smile about and I really am such a lucky girl. If you need to get a hold of me for the next couple days, my email address is and I'll be checking that one pretty frequently.


  1. I love, love, love the law of tithing. When we were first married I would just like cry all the time because we had no money to pay our bills, but then lo and behold right before they were due, oh you overpayed on this thing so here is a refund check in just the amount you need, plus a little extra. Blessings are totally awesome.

  2. i used to have nightmares about munchkins. ps. why did your phone die. ps. i forgot to pay my tithing before my purse got stolen, maybe thats why im broke.p.s. why id there a question mark by my linked name to my blog. ps. whyd you get a chocolate, they break easy. ps remember when i told michelle Shaun Yu would come through the window of our old house if she didnt get to bed.


  3. ps. cassies little sister was over at myfriend jimyls house. she looks nothing like her.

    ps text me.