Sunday, February 21, 2010


Body Image.

Why does it matter so much? Why is my self esteem inversely related to the fluctuation of my dress size? Why does it have that kind of power? Why do even the nicest of boys put things like "FP" on their list of things to avoid in future spouses. What is "FP" you ask? It stands for "Fat Potential." As in, the likelihood that a certain girl will let herself go and end up being a fat wife. Because heaven forbid she gain a single pound after bearing children and dealing with life and the stress of motherhood.

I learned about "FP" tonight while talking to a couple of guys who I thought the world of.

Several things in the last week have eroded my faith in humanity and snapped the last skinny little thread I've been hanging onto my self confidence with. Not to mention the nearly complete obliteration of my belief that it just may be possible for someone to fall in love with me exactly the way I am. But no, not in this town. I have Fat Potential written all over my thighs and I always will.


  1. Bwahahahaha! FP... if a dude says he's looking for FP... you tell him you are looking at PP (porn potential... not the potty) and he's giving off a very PP vibe with all his FP talk. ;) (PS: I learned about FP in Provo too - I think you need to leave that land...)

  2. Grrrr. Learning what FP meant made me gasp in anger. Also, I'm willing to wager that any young man who is so vapid that they consider Fat Potential as a major determining factor in who to marry is actually NOT the nicest of boys.

    I agree with Andrea! Someone who is that obsessed with physical perfection is probably getting their unrealistic ideas of an 'ideal' woman's body from pornography.

  3. I love you! I hope you know I swore (four letter word) in my head when I read what "FP" means. It makes me think of that show where they punch the guy in the nuts and when he goes "why?????" they are like "you know why!" Thats what I feel like when I hear "FP". And also when I read this I made Jason stop reading his homework and I read it aloud to him, I may even tape this on my mirror and read it every day. I loved it, and I love you the way you are, and some boy will too, and he won't give a fig newton about "FP" or know what it is.

  4. I hate finding out that people you thought were alright are just as bad as everyone else.

    And thank you Andrea. Soooo true.