Monday, June 21, 2010

Powell Power, The Continuing story.

We walked around the villages until my little heart was ready to explode with happiness. At certain points we had to shimmy up a SCARY LADDER and then held on to a chain whilst scaling a rock face to access / exit the cave.

The ladder:

Nbd. Just you know, the height of a 3 story building. If Mama Booth had been there, she would not have allowed it. Here's why:

I just love how no camera is able to capture the entire thing within the frame. DO YOU PEOPLE KNOW ME? I can't even help my dad put up christmas lights because heights kind of freakkkkk me out. But I just wanted to play in the village that much I guess. My legs and arms were shaky for oh, I don't know, the entirety of the tour. Worth it? Yes.

Notable occurrences: At one point, I climbed down into a pit house at one of the cliff dwellings to just, you know.... see what I could see. There was no one down there. And then, there was a funny asian mother / daughter combo who came down the ladder to make some model poses and take pictures. And then, out of NO WHERE, there was a very large, very frightening native american man in front of me. He reached out his hands in a very menacing gesture toward my person and said:

"Ha! Now I've got you!!" ...... Maniacal Laughter

And I flew out of that pit house like a bat out of native american hell.

Aside from being haunted by the ghosts of past residents disguised in modern day clothing, I am not kidding when I say that I would be perfectly content to find my own little cliff dwelling and move in. There are over 600 in the greater Mesa Verde area. I'm sure I could find one that would suit me just fine.

Also... I contracted some semi-wicked poison ivy from frolicking in the wilderness.

That is the price you have to pay to be one with nature I guess.


  1. That part about the spooky native american man makes me laugh so hard. Also, it reminds me of that part in Waynes World where they are in the desert, and they also stumble upon a strange native american man.

  2. Apparently you didn't heed the warning signs for the poison ivy. Mesa Verde is pretty neat. Went there just a week and a half ago.