Monday, March 26, 2012

I miss you, blog.

The hardest part about not having the interwebs at my apartment in Provo is not being able to blog sufficiently. It pierces me to my very core. I pretty much have to use my phone for all of my leisurely internet activites. And there is no blogger app for blackberry.


Soooo... the only time I would actually be able to blog would be:

1. At work. No.

I pretty much have no downtime there lately (except right now... which probably isn't even actually downtime. Don't tell on me).

2. At the library. No.

I only go to the library when it's business time. And when I say business time, I mean I have procrastinated a project so sorely that I must force myself to work on it from dawn until dusk. Or like, 3 hours. Whichever comes first.

3. At a friend's house. No.
Yes. I do have study parties with my bffs.... but those are STRICTLY for studying. And youtube.

So, I'm sorry, Blog. This must be really awkward for you, running into me this way. Such a short and thoughtless post after so long. It makes me feel kind of like this:

But maybe, someday, when I live somewhere with internet access, it will feel like this:

Uh..... Maybe not like that. But. You know what I mean.

Also. Never seen that music video until just now. Celine. You kill me.


  1. So I was just wondering where your blog went today and I checked it to make sure my reader hadn't just stopped picking up posts again. But now, you've been neglecting the poor little thing. FOR SHAME. But I'm glad you're sort of back. Sort of.