Friday, June 29, 2012

The Queen of Freetail

You know. Instead of Retail? Ya. Catchy. I'm super clever.

You GUYS. Here is what is happening in my life right this instant/in the recent past:

1. I graduated college.
2. I therefore lost my student job.
3. I found a new job in Salt Lake.
4. I moved into an apartment near 9th and 9th.
5. I make just enough money to make ends meet.
6. New furniture is for rich people only.
7. I scour the fruitful interwebs for pieces of furniture that people are giving away for free. (Location is a trade secret. JK it's KSL.)
8. I pick it up (unless I fear for my safety upon arrival at the original owner's location) and I take it home.
9. I adopt it as my own.
10. Once my apartment is sufficiently furnished, I am going to start refinishing / reselling these pieces after first pinteresting the hell out of them.
11. Sorry I said hell.
12. My life is awesome.

No really though. It's already becoming a thing. It's a constant obsession of mine. PEOPLE GET RID OF THE COOLEST CRAP! They are dumb-dumbs. But please, keep me on hoarder watch. The last thing I want is to be found unconscious under a pile of used stuffed animals inside an apartment stuffed to the brim with free "treasures". I don't think that will be a problem though, because after watching even one episode of hoarders I throw away 60% of my stuff. 

dining room looking north to living room Pictures, Images and Photos

Anyway. Freetail. It's my new thing.


  1. I want to come visit you!!!!

  2. Wait you're down near 9th and 9th?! I'm half in love with that neighborhood. Also the small theater is down there! Also bakeries! Also Tapas!!!!!! We need to hang out. STAT.