Thursday, September 17, 2009


Never Been Kissed was on TV tonight. I love every single thing about the ending of this movie. Seriously. It gets me.... every. single. time. It doesn't matter how many times I see it. It makes my little heart want to explode. So I wanted to share. This is the first time I've been able to find both parts on youtube to be able to post it. I wish there were continuity because you really do need to watch both parts right next to each other. But whatever. Start here, and listen to the dialogue. Ya, it's long. Whatever. It's worth it:

OMG why did it have to stop there?? I know right.... Don't worry. I found Part Deux....

Okay so here's why I love it.

1. The boss man keeps saying "I've got weiners!" in the funniest excited voice ever.

2. Drew Barrymore actually looks cute for the first time in the whole movie.

3. I love Molly Shannon.

4. BEACH BOYS. "Don't Worry Baby" melts my heart. Seriously. I can't listen to that song without being sooooo happy.

5. When she drops the microphone my heart always stops and I get a little misty eyed. Every time.

6. When she realizes he showed up, her face is priceless.

7. I love that he JOGS out there, and then just walks straight up to her and kisses her without even saying anything, and the camera spins around as he does it and it is just so great.

8. I love that everyone starts kissing, but then the one girl totally has to hit the creeper with her purse.

9. "Sorry I'm late, it took me forever to get here...."

"I know what you mean."


I love it.

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