Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh, the BYU

Here is a list of things I observed on campus today that made me chuckle and shake my head.

A seriel commenter (you know the type) in my religion class felt that he needed to go on a 5 minute rant about the history of fornication. Because, you know, he, being extremely well versed in the ways of the world as a 23 year old BYU student, felt that he needed to augment my many-times published professor's lecture on First Thessalonians. Thank you for that, you fornication-crazed maniac.

Several students in my Infant Development class halted the progression of the slide show on human reproduction because they "....just didn't get how it worked." That would be understandable if this were say, the puberty lecture we all got in the 5th grade. But no. The maddeningly frequent questions were being asked by girls only a little bit younger than me who HAVE BEEN MARRIED FOR YEARS AND HAVE ALREADY BORN CHILDREN. I kid you not. Only at BYU.

Sometimes, I like to sit in the JFSB in front of the international studies office and watch the International news they have playing on three large flat-screen TVs. One channel was in Arabic, one was Japanese, and the third was tuned in to CNN. The Arabic channel was boring and didn't have any news anchors. Just a series of static pictures and crazy text. The Japanese channel was running a story on the oldest couple to ever complete a marathon. It was an 83 year old Japanese man and his 78 year old wife. They were the cutest little old runners ever. They were totally fit, and both sported hot-pink track suits. A sort of team uniform, if you will. And he totally wore a hot pink fanny pack. I think it is amazing that people SOOOO OLD can be so fit. And then there was CNN. Airing footage of Punxutawney Phil wriggling around in some presenter's hand. Apparently, PETA wants to replace the groundhog's day groundhog with a ROBOT because it's inhumane to keep a groundhog in captivity. Way to go, America. Your news is lame.

And of course. The BYU couple that looked like 10 year olds who were loitering in front of the vending machine while I was waiting to purchase a quick Fresca before class. He wouldn't stop kissing her, and she couldn't figure out HOW TO PUT THE MONEY IN THE MACHINE. Move it or lose it, babies. Mama needs some bubbley.

Go Cougs.


  1. ha ha ha ha. Dad needs to read these.

  2. PETA just keeps getting more ridiculous. Also, those Japanese old peoples sound adorable. And they remind me of brother Von Brethorse. I know that is not how you spell his name. But you know who I mean.

  3. I laughed out loud when I read these--Kristin, it is time to publish your blog for the world to read! More people need to have the blessing of your humor in their lives.