Monday, January 25, 2010

She got that cashflow

Today, my coworker discovered that you could search for your name on .... This is definition #1 for Kristin:

1. Kristin

One of the coolest people you will ever meet. She is always there when you need her. She likes to kiss her guy friends. She got that cashflow. Drives a silver mustang, and dont take s#!% from no one.

"She be fly",

Nah, she be kristin

I LOVE IT. So I decided to look up my entire family on urban dictionary. The definitions were most likely created by 15 year old homies. I edited out the bad words. Its kind of a shady website. But please, enjoy.

1. Jackie

Jackie is the name of an incredibly beautiful girl that is good in school, is athletic, has an amazing body, can get a guy drooling over her in seconds.

Her name is Jackie I bet she is an amazing girl.

1. Tami 

kick-a girl who won't take any #$%* from anyone

Tami is the coolest babe around.

1. Nicole 

Awesome person that is often imitated but never duplicated.

Nicole is so godly that I adore her.

1. Michelle

Hebrew meaning "like God"...michelle's are often Leo's, astonishingly gorgeous, very athletic, dark hair and usually curly/waivy/thick, another thing is that almost all Michelle's have similar noses.

guy#1. "man that girl was hot"

guy#2. "must've been named Michelle"

1. Sharon

Somebody that is amazingly beautiful, funny, kind, and outstanding.

Ohh man. Her name has GOT to be Sharon! She's gorgeous

1. brion

cutest, most incredible, great kisser; all the girls want him

girl: you heard about the new boy?

girl2: OMG that bryan kid?

girl: no dumb-a its brion, he's great!

Bahhhhhh hahahahaha. I love it. But don't go to that website. It's gross sometimes.



  1. Why does this almost match up perfect!?!? those ho's did write that exact thing in dads yearbook..