Tuesday, October 26, 2010


In the last seven days, I may or may not have:

1. Cried 4-5 times. I'm not sure. I lost count.

2. Been called a rockstar by the boss. Multiple times.

3. Worn opaque tights for the first time since elementary school.

4. Kept my room so fresh and so clean. According to Mama Booth, I can't get married until I can keep my room clean. But its cleannnnn. So someone should come marry me.

5. Locked my keys in my truck. In the ignition. In a blizzard. I retrieved them by crawling into the bed of the truck (in a skirt) and punching out the little plexiglass window with my bare hand. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

6. Forgotten to brush my teeth.

7. Gotten lost in the no-mans-land between provo and orem. I have seen the underbelly of this town, and it is dark.

8. Wikipedia-ed tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis.

9. Dropped out of my dinner group because we can't even go ONE meal without the boys talking about crotches. Or boobs.

10. Wanted to blog almost every single day but never had time.

11. Been browsing for a new phone because mine has seizures and creates a plaid-like pattern of seizure bars across the screen every now and then.

12. Curled my hair successfully at least 3 times.

13. Went to the corn maze and Halloween festivities at Thanksgiving point and LOVED MY LIFE.

14. Saw a giant old man in a hospital gown doing laps around the cardiac unit. Giant.

15. Decided what I might be for Halloween. (Antoine Dodson?)

16. Left my headlights on for 5 hours while I was at work.

17. Showered far less than 7 times.

18. Purchased 2 bathing suits online from Jcrew for 24 dollars. Including shipping.

And oh so much more.

I am incredible.


  1. #10: as soon as I get done checking my friends' blogs, I'm going to try to post SEVEN things. SEVEN. That's how much time I have not had lately.

  2. Wow, that is a lot. I especially enjoy #5. I hope your hand is ok. :) And $24, killer.

  3. "Gotten lost in the no-mans-land between provo and orem. I have seen the underbelly of this town, and it is dark."

    That made me laugh so hard. Also, i love your halloween costume idea. this will make you smile:


  4. "I have seen the underbelly of this town, and it is dark."

    Best thing I have read all week.

  5. just had a visual image when you blogged about crawling through the truck's little back window. I Had a similar experience many years ago in that very same truck. Jackie and I were taking Shep (poor dog) somewhere. He was in the back of that truck and decided he'd rather be up in the cab with us. sooooo while I was driving he pushed his nose through the window then his whole self onto the front seat between jackie and I. I'm surprised I didn't crash!

  6. It's true, the underbelly comment was hilarious. Very hilarious. It is nothing new that I love you and your blogs.