Saturday, May 14, 2011

Raise Your Hand If You Want To See a Huge-A Bee

So, I moved into a little old house the other day. It is adorable. It's old, but not nasty. And the ceilings are really high and we have a back porch and a loft and it has just been an absolute DREAM. However, our neighbors have a really old, haunted-looking, foliage-covered, dead-leaf collecting shed in their back yard, and it is riiiiiight next to our back door. Since the weather has warmed up a little bit, we've noticed that TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA BEES like to hang out around the shed. And periodically, they get into our house. And every so often.... one stows away on my person.

Please. I wish I could have recorded the whole situation. But this is a nice recap, I think:

I've taken to making videos with my phone. Because I can. It comes in handy when I want to document those occurences for which no words would do justice.

After a little research, I am 90% positive they are carptenter bees. Which is perfect. Because I love when enornous menacing insects eat my home.


  1. The "...was ON MY BACK!" at the end made me lol. That bee is the size texas.

  2. I jumped. Of course, I was watching without my contacts in, so my face was, like, to inches from the screen. But I jumped.

  3. I love that you made a video about it. Also, there is NO WAY that is a bee, it is just TOO BIG. A human baby, I might believe that, but never a bee.