Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Several Matters of Business

1. Someone hacked my debit card account .... and tried to buy vitamins with it online for $20.99. What the crap? You couldn't think of anything cooler or more expensive to buy with my money? It didn't go through, because you were owned by the fraud department at Zions Bank, but still. Vitamins?


Actually... after some research... the site it was purchased on is some crazy spyware/malware situation. Whatever. I just want to picture some dumbdumb trying to buy expensive vitamins.

2. I neeeeeeeed to buy a car but I don't like the idea of getting a car loan. If anyone knows someone who needs to get rid of an old nasty car .... I will take it off your hands. As long as it runs. And if it's free....

3. I started working full time again and woooweeee it is slooooooow in our office. It's killing me.

4. I went running this morning. It was sad. I stopped after a half of a mile. I'm super out of shape... but can I just say that the first time I EVER went running I didn't even make it two blocks? A half a mile is six blocks my friend. Okay today I ran five. Whatever.

1 comment:

  1. Well, you know what my suggestion is about the car thing . . . so I'm not even going to say it.