Saturday, August 2, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Yep. I bought it last night at midnight. Originally, the plan was to have Michelle buy hers at Deseret Book (no line, suckas!) and then she would read it and I would just wait for her to finish. BUT as we were waiting in the parking lot for her roommate to make a quick run to Wal-mart, that all changed. We decided it was only fair for me to bust it open and read out loud so that I could be in on the fun at least until we got home so I could sleep. Ten pages in, I was hooked. So we walked in to Wally World and I picked up a book of my own. Once again, sans the 6000 person line at B&N. Excellent.

There were some parts that left me less than enchanted.. some that were just not believable, some that bored me and some that left a TMI factor burning in my brain. Still, Stephanie Meyer is an amazing writer. Even when the content is lacking, I'm so entertained by the way its written I don't even notice.

I read it all. I stopped once to sleep, and twice to pee. My eyeballs hurt. Was it worth it? Eventually. For a minute. But honestly, if someone had just pasted the first three chapters to the last three pages, I would have been a happy camper. enough with all the drama.
UPDATE 4.29.09: I will save this post for posterity, but just know, I have grown to hate that book. I have not picked it up again since, and thinking about it grosses me out. It's too weird.

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