Sunday, September 14, 2008

"I have 17 midnight harry potter tickets"

Please listen to (this). It will change your life. Why are guys such creepsters sometimes? This message was left on a friend of a friend's voicemail by a guy who met her (stared at her until she gave him her number) at church the day before. Please note the excessive use of the word "cutie".


  1. oh my lanta. Everytime he said 'cutie', it sounded like he was saying 'kitty'. Which is doubly creepy.

    Um, why the devil did she give him her real phone # and not the loser-line?

    That, right there, is one aspect of dating life I hope to never encounter. jeeesh.

  2. BAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh!!!!!!!! Nik found your friend??? Tell her to runnnnn!!!!

    I seriously am crying right now, I'm not sure if it's from laughing so hard or if it's because I know that this is real. Guys really act like that. Weird. Oh my.....

  3. hahaha!!! Oh my gosh... I laughed so hard, there were tears! Yeah, I thought he called her "kitty" and not cutie. Weird. My favorite part was that he prayed a lot about it before church... holy cow, that totally made my day!!! But creepy... very creepy!

  4. Kristen please don't ever post Alyson and my personal conversations on your blog again, I just want you to know that this message meant a lot to her and was a great start to our relationship......HA! -Zach