Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wait, there's an elephant in the room?

Its pretty hard to get me to hold in awkward energy. If I am hanging out somewhere, and something awkward happens, I am the first to comment on it. If there was a previous awkward situation between a few people and they are seeing eachother again for the first time, that can also be its own elephant in the room. I really don't get this whole ... "it was like there was an elephant in room" simile or metaphor or whatever that stupid expression is. You know why? Because if there was an elephant in any room I was in, I would make sure everyone knew about it. I've seen how much they pee and poo. Believe me. You want to keep yourself from getting stepped on, but make sure you don't get crapped on either.

Anyway. I think its really lame when people ignore something really awkward and try to pretend it isn't happening. Are you kidding? You're just asking to get a load of elephant dung slung in your direction. Awkwardness is not fun. For me, its intolerable. Often times, if something really horribly awkward happens, I put my two cents in immediately. I then feel no awkward pressure, and I really wish other people would pipe up about it too.

Thus, its really hard to get me to feel awkward for an extended period of time. I really do apologize to the rest of the world. Maybe my comments just make it worse? I can be careful, and I really try to stay away from pointing out someone else's awkward blunders. I would hate to hurt their feelings or embarrass them. But personally, if I blow a snot bubble and everyone sees it, I'm going to apologize. I'm not going to get embarrassed and pretend it didn't happen. Therefore I befriend that elephant in the room, and am guaranteed safety from flying pee, poo, and feet. Not to mention derrieres. Homies don't crush each other with their giant butts.


  1. bahahhahahaa.

    I commend you and your zero tolerance policy for awkward happenings.

    It's kind of a gift. I remember quite a few times when your candor & commentary on uncomfortable situations helped me relax.

    Kindof like that famous Thanksgiving at our house when everybody cried (LOL) or when I was trying to move to Rexburg. (LOL again.)

    I think you should photoshop a picture of yourself hugging an elephant. It would be very fitting.

  2. Okay, I totally agree with you. Even when things are potentially awkward, I just want to say something. Once addressed, everyone involved can just get a good laugh out of the situation and not deal with feeling uncomfortable, or getting crapped on by a big elephant. You are too funny. I keep forgetting to add you to our blog but I am doing it right now! ha ha :)

  3. i am queen of awkward. like this one time i went up to this boy after he rape kissed me and i was like hey remember that one time we kissed and it was way awkward? ya that was 2 years ago and he hasnt talked to me since. huzzah, awkwardness makes everything better.

    ps....i blew a snot bubble yesterday. and told my roomates about it.