Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day Breaker.


Do not get me wrong. Ever since my first laptop was stolen a year and a half ago I have been sooooo immensely grateful to have a computer-guy father who seems to always have a collection of electronics he has rescued from the corporate trashcan. Luckily for me, the computer I have been using in the absence of my original laptop came free of charge as a hand-me-down from Papa Booth. I don't know what I would have done without it. BUT. Sometimes it freaks out, the cord is frayed, and it is no longer able to hold a battery charge for more than 30 minutes. Its just gettin old in computer years. I love it. I cherish it. I do not judge it for having a footprint dent or for having a bum left mouse click key. But for heaven's sake. It kind of bit the dust today. And I have a paper to turn in tomorrow. And finals are in a week and a half. Bad timing laptop, bad timing. I think the computer gods are still punishing me for pulling the hard drive out of a running PC in my youth. I'M REALLY SORRY OKAY! GIVE ME A BREAK!


  1. my laptop scooter is 17 years old. beat that.

  2. i love you! Haggard is great word choice! by the did NOT look haggard last week and jason didn't think so either :)

    Maren :)