Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Carrie Underwood Has An Unfortunate Name

Has anyone really ever heard or said her name without smirking? I can't help but think "HAA HAA Carrie UNDERWEAR" any time I see or hear her name. I slay myself. I know. I'm mature. But really though. She may as well have made her stage name Carrie Panties or Carrie Boxer-briefs. It makes me think of the way Cory always used to say "UNDEH PANTSSSS" on Boy Meets World. In fact. Lets watch that for a second....

Oh man. It never gets old. Anyway. I love Carrie Underwood (hee hee). I think she has a beautiful voice and she is a classy lady.

I am a picky music listener. A song must sound nice yes, but if it is lacking in the lyrics department I get tired of it really easily. On the other hand, I sometimes enjoy songs that are lacking in the melodious musical department because I am a sucker for a witty set of words. I think this explains my love affair with rap music. BUT. If a rap song has a sucky beat it is dead to me. On the mutant third hand, every now and then there comes along a special song with just the right combination of wit and musical integrity. Such songs are rare and I treasure them.

I have listened to Ms. Undehpants new album and I love love love a couple of her songs. Neither of them fall into the excellent third category of awesomeness, but they are fun. One of them is called Cowboy Casanova. It basically badmouths shady cowboys who are liars. For some crazy reason I enjoy that. I mean, somehow, on some absolutely mystifying level I indentify with that message. And the song is catchy. And it makes me want to buy a pair of cowboy boots for the express purpose of kicking cowboy casanovas where they deserve it. You may interpret that however you want. The back up dancers in the music video are kind of hoochtacular, so I have posted one of those ridiculous youtube audio-only "videos". But with LYRICS. And fancy colors.

A snake with blue eyes huh? Hmm. Who'da thunk. Innnnnnnteresting. Okay enough of that.

The other song of hers I love is called Quitter. It starts out sounding pretty cheesey, but the bridge and chorus just make me happy okay. OKAY?!!! No lyrics here, but you can just look at her pretty little face while you listen to it if you want. If you really hate it, before you judge me at least listen to the second verse. Starting at 1:25.

I don't think I have ever included 3 youtube videos in one post. Huzzah. Yay for the Tube of You. Hip Hip Hooray for technologay.


  1. You can download one of her songs for free. I know Cowboy Cazenova was one of the options I dont know if Quitter was.

    Go to this link on amazon, you can download a song from a CMA nominated artist for free. You must like country music to like this deal :)


    There's lots of other options, too. It's kind of fun and free is always good, right:)