Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh no she Dih-ent.

I just got sassed by a customer service representative. That makes me BURNING mad. Do not get loud with me whilst you are telling me that you are going erase a fee as a ONE TIME COURTESY. I heard you the first time. And furthermore, it should be an EVERY time courtesy. I did not get loud with you. Don't try to tell me I KNEW you sneakily cancelled my automatic bill-pay to try to rack up some late fees. If you charge me a fee that I don't deserve, you better be clamouring to kiss up to me. I have been working in customer service for years. I know precisely how to make your life miserable. I will bring tears to your eyes.

I mean.

I would. If I weren't such a Christian woman.

1 comment:

  1. whoa! someone sassed YOU!? that takes... ahem... balls... i mean, guts. who was it? what went down? I didn't follow from your post.