Saturday, April 3, 2010

Livin' La Vida Loca

So. I was driving the other day on the freeway and I saw the following license plate:

And I started giggling uncontrollably. Like... who on earth would write "Ricky Martin" on their license plate? I was so tickled that when I remembered it the next day, I turned down the music in the car to tell my sisters.

Me: OH MY GOODNESS. Yesterday... I saw a license plate that said Ricky Martin.

Jackie: No way. How did they spell it?

Me: R-C-K-Y-M-T-N

Jackie: ... Uh, rocky mountain?

Me: Oh.

I'm a little bit embarrassed at my brain for its immediate gravitation toward an obscure latin heartthrob rather than toward the much more obvious, GIANT landmark immediately to the east of the freeway. Whatever, I like my Ricky Martin version better.


  1. Ha hahahahaha wow. Kristin you are A-Mazing! You always make me smile and laugh!