Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh Dinner Group... How I love you.

So. I'm in a dinner group with some friends in my ward. There are 8 of us, and we rotate who cooks dinner for the other 7 from Monday - Thursday. That way. You only make one big dinner every 2 weeks, and you can enjoy everyone else's big dinner on the other days. I eat sooooo much better than I did before!

Dinner group is also an excellent time to socialize. We discuss a wide variety of topics and they are usually hilarious. A couple days ago, one of our conversations went like this:

Me: "Where did you go on your mission?"

Boy : "Argentina."

Me: "I know so many people who went to Argentina and South America."
Girl: "All my friends went to Brazil."

Boy: "Have you guys ever seen a capybara?"

Girl: "I tried to go see one at the zoo one time, but it wouldn't come out."

Me: "They are so crazy. They look like giant guinnea pigs. I watched Krat's Creatures. I know."

Other Girl: "Aren't they like, a Rous? Rodent of unusual size?"

Other Boy: "Ya they are like, giant and cat-like."

Boy: "Ya. I ate one."

Everyone: " ..... "

Sick. But also kind of funny.


  1. the first thing i thought when i saw that picture was...


    then: dad playing cherrades with us jumping like zaboomafoo

    i think i spelled everything wrong in this comment. bye.

  2. My comment was going to be the exact same thing as Nicole's.Weird. Also,


    Its toes are probably its most disturbing feature.