Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Quiet and Loud

I feel like there are two types of boys at BYU. The quiet gentleman, and the rowdy jerk. WHY oh WHY can't there be a rowdy gentleman? I just don't do well with quiet boys. I feel like I'm a super loud freakshow whenever I'm around them. But... I get along GREAT with semi-rowdy boys. You know. Funny and loud when its appropriate, quiet and respectful when appropriate. I've met (dated) a few of these semi-rowdy boys, and you know what? They have all been Jerkface McJerkersons. Seriously. Quiet nice boys hold the door open for me when I'm walking into a building. Semi-rowdy boys never do. Quiet nice boys don't kiss other girls faces when they are supposed to be dating only one girl. Semi-rowdy boys do. But quiet nice boys don't make my heart go all a flutter. But nice semi-rowdy boys do.

I just want a semi-rowdy boy who is not a jerk.

Thank you and goodnight.

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