Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I used to think that "Anon" was the name of some wise ancient sage.

Back in the days of dial-up and before the glory days of google... I used to browse archaic websites filled with clever or inspirational quotes. I did this so that I could put them on my AIM profile..... so that everyone on my buddlylist would think I was sohpisticated.

Man. Those were the days.

So anyway, I would find a quote that looked like this:

"The sun only shines on the faces of those who are looking skyward" - Anon

And I would think to myself.... "Wow... that Anon character must be really deep."


Even if half the quotes on the page was written/spoken by "Anon" .... it never occured to me that "Anon" was actually just short for "Anonymous."

It was kind of like finding out Santa wasn't real...but as a freshman in college. I don't think I've completely recovered from my shock combined with the realization of my own stupidity. I just remembered that situation and needed to record it for posterity.

I am also on a lot of cold medicine right now. So. Maybe that was a boring story. I have no way to tell.


  1. HAHAHAhahaha. I love this SO much.

  2. Yeah, you need to read my blog about this very same thing. Realizing obvious things at a wildly inappropriate age.