Monday, January 16, 2012

My Lifetime Resolutions

I would call these New Year's resolutions, but let's face it, many of these things cannot be perfected (or properly attempted) in one year.

I'm going to be working really hard on the following things starting this year. I would like to:

  • Not say anything to embarrass myself in public. And when I say "embarrass myself" what I really mean is not say anything that give me away as an idiot person who still has a lot to learn about life. I have strong opinions... and sometimes... those opinions stem completely from ignorance or a lack of understanding. So I guess this resolution is more of a wish than a goal. But. I shall try to not be an idiot. 

  • Surround myself with fewer annoying people.

  •  Be less easily annoyed by people. This goes hand in hand with resolution number 2. If I'm less easily annoyed... everyone who annoys me will disappear. Like Honest Abe once said: 

"I destroy the people who annoy the crap out of me when I make them my friends."

That's a direct quote. I read it in his diary. Moving on.

  • Eat fewer processed foods. I miss the days when bread was made out of wheat... not chemicals. And when I say I miss those days, what I really mean is that I would have no idea what those days must have been like were it not for my lovely former roommate Rachel. She ground her own wheat (I saw it with my own eyes) and the bread she made was the most delicious bread any human has ever consumed. I'm going to try to buy fewer foods that I could easily make myself.

  • Eat less fast food. I've already sworn off burgers from fast food places (go me, and thank you Food, Inc.), but I'm going to have a hard time giving up chicken-bacon-swisses from Arbys. And curly fries. Mmmmm curly fries.

  • Buy less stuff.

  • Make more stuff. Thanks to pinterest, I truly believe it is possible to fill a home with more homemade items than store-bought items without it looking or feeling Amish. seriously. Name one home furnishing you cannot find on pinterest with an attached do-it-yourself tutorial. I dare you.

  • Find a job in a place where winters don't turn me into a frosty biznatch. I'm sure I'll blog about that later.

  • Keep my car clean. I really, really love having a car free from crumbs and dirt and clutter.

  • Downsize my wardrobe and get rid of any possessions I don't need. I've already started this process. I think I must have D.I.ed at least half of my clothes last week. Onward and upward. 

  • Be a kinder person.

If I don't stop myself I'll just keep listing things forever. I think this small chunk of goals is fine for now.

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