Saturday, June 14, 2008

Freaky Friday

OKay. So usually nothing weird has ever happened to me on Friday the 13th. And, I always secretly wish sometimes something would go crazy. I officially take it back. I was watching a movie out on our apartment complex's front lawn tonight with my ward. Kind of a creepy movie. "Rear Window" by Alfred Hitchcock. It's pretty good. Kind of cheesy in a 50's kind of way. And it definitely had its super creepy parts. HOWEVER. The creepiest part about tonight had nothing to do with the movie.

So there I was, tensed up in front of the projector screen thinking to myself, "That guy across the way is totally the murderer. Why doesn't anyone believe Jimmy Stewart? He's on 'It's a wonderful life. Everyone knows he wouldn't lie'... then again, he was on Mr. Krueger’s Christmas. Should I really trust his judgment..??" and other such serious contemplations. All of a sudden, I hear this weird swish swish swish sound... and nervous giggles. I look up, and there he was. El Diablo. There was a creepy, jolly, GIANT PINK BUNNY bouncing down the street in those weird bouncy moon boots. I seriously almost messed my self. I had so much anxiety. Childhood flashback: going to Chucky Cheese for my cousin's birthday party, and having a panic attack when the big mouse came out. I have an irrational fear of giant animal costumes. Especially their huge heads. Shudder. Anyway. Back to the story. So this crazy-A bunny just keeps boppin around, and some guy who had been walking along the sidewalk ran into the middle of the street. And they hugged. It was sooooo bizarre. By this time the nervous giggles turned into roars of laughter. It was just crazy. And everyone was lookin around at each other like what on EARTH is happening. I however, was not laughing.

THEN. I pulled a move that has been out of practice since my Chucky Cheese days. I found myself silently and secretly pleading with the universe: do not let him come near me. Do not let him come over here. Please don't let him see me. Because if he comes near me I will seriously have a problem. I repeated these thoughts over and over in my mind. Grasping for one fleeting sense of control.

Alas, my deepest fears were realized anyway. He bounded over onto the grass where we were all laying on our blankets and circled around us like a giant, rabid, pink fuzzy shark. He then stopped, and made a super weird bunny giggle. At this point I had to take a step back (only figuratively. I was frozen on the grass with fear) and ask myself: Am I on acid? I WISH! It was 100% reality.

After three giant hops in the air, the pink devil jogged back to the middle of the street and climbed into a pick up truck full of his non-bunny friends. They honked and said, "Have a great night!" and drove away.

Ya. Like I'm not going to have sweaty nightmares about this for the rest of my LIFE. Thanks for nothin you nasty pink bunny. I hate you.


  1. Remember how we made fun of them? Then you joined them on the front lawn??? And beware of pink bunnies.. DANGER!

  2. hahahahha that is the weirdest thing I have ever heard! I am laughing alone in front of my computer, and I can't stop.

    I never knew you shared my large-animal-costume-phobia. We should go on the Maury Povich show so he can cure us.

  3. hahah. Was his name perhaps Brad? I only know of one person who owns a large bunny suit (because he is my parents neighbor and wears it on Easter, and he hops to my parents front door to say Hi to the kids), but he goes to BYU