Friday, June 6, 2008

Inverse Insomnia

Weird. So. I have had trouble this week getting to sleep. And when I don't get to sleep, I basically just get barfy. But its that tortuous pseudo barfiness where you want to barf because you just feel nasty, but your body never really goes into full on barf mode.

Anyway, I haven't been getting to sleep until like 2 or 3 regardless of my best efforts. That causes a problem, because then I either sleep in and miss part of work, or I go to work without getting ready at all. I don't think my office appreciates my homeless-couture outfits and hairstyles. I mean, I usually get my make up done during my lunch hour, so I look half decent for 50% of my day, but I can't undo the damage done to all who have to be around me for my grumpy, barfy first wave of consciousness.

So last night, I was super tired. Get this... I was watching the discovery channel and I actually turned it off so that I could get to sleep. In the middle of a show. At 8:45! It was just barely starting to look like night time outside, and I was out like Hellen Keller in musical chairs. So then, at like 3:45 AM I had a nightmare about bears (I'm scared of them okay?!) and now I'm up for the day. Here's the weirdest thing: I feel just fine. I mean, maybe it works for some people. Like farmers. They get up at 4 in the morning to milk cows and stuff, and maybe they're onto something. I don't even have dark circles under my eyes. And no, I'm not on any drugs. Whoever said one hour of sleep before midnight was worth two hours after midnight wasn't lying.

So.. when I stay up late and wake up late I feel like grade A caca. But when I go to bed early and wake up early I feel excellent. Why did it take me so long to figure that out? Probably because I'm just a college kid. Bed time never really had a lot of value as long as I got at least 7 hours. I didn't think it made a difference, so why go to bed and be a party pooper? Oh I don't know. Maybe because its better for me. I mean, I'm not going to go to bed at 9 every night. That was not the decision made based on the outcome of my experience last night. BUT. The concept has been proven, and I would be an idiot not to go to bed early knowing now that it does make a difference. I don't want to be a farmer, but I do want to be better at getting to bed early.

And what have I done in the last 4 hours you ask? Well. I paid all my bills and took care of some other annoying stuff like that.

I'm going to go make breakfast, maybe hit the gym and maybe even get to work looking decent. Fancy that.

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  1. yay for you!! It's exhilerating (I don't care how you spell it) to see the sun rise, huh? Shweet.