Monday, January 5, 2009

Day Makers and (bum) Breakers

It has been a while since I have done a Day Makers and Breakers Blog... so here goes!!

Day Maker: I totally made it to work on time. I caught the bus. No jog of shame was even required.

Day Breaker: I thought it would be okay for me to wear a skirt, you know, with my warm wuggs boots. Usually I can wear a skirt no matter how cold it is, as long as my feet and calves stay warm. FALSE. I cannot wear a skirt when its 15 degrees outside. My knees were numb. I forgot that not having a car means walking around outside a lot. My bad.

Day Maker: All my favorite co-workers were back from the winter break today finally! I mean, Brittany, I love you a lot. I would be sad if I never worked with you again. But you have to admit... it is so much better with Rebokula and Hessica back. And even sometimes Markus. And Kaley. I luff her. But I could not have survived Christmas Break without you. But I'm just sayin. The family is back together.

Day Breaker: As I was walking back down to campus from work, I completely slipped and fell on my butt. As in... the kind of slipping where the cartoon character's feet fly out from under them and they stay suspended in the air for a second before they crash to the ground. In a skirt. I mean, I'm lucky I didn't hit my head, but I fell full force onto my tush. And it was snowing really hard. So there was maximum cheek contact with a big pile of snow. Snow up the skirt...snow smushed against my behind on the outside of my skirt.... it was lovely.

After regaining my wits about me a nice girl helped me pick up some money that had fallen out of my pocket. Bless her soul. I brushed off as best I could and continued my trek to campus. The snow that had been so forcefully packed into the very fibers of my demin skirt began to melt. Which I expected. But then. THEN. My wet skirt began to freeze. To my behind. And I still had a block to go before the bus stop.

Why do I keep wearing skirts? There are so many factors that can make wearing one awkward. Having to climb stairs with see-through slats, trying to step into a lifted truck or lowish riding car without flashing anyone... Wind in general. Wind is a big one. Wind is every modest skirt-wearing girl's nemesis. But snow? Only a problem if you happen to fall into a pile of it hard enough to fuse the ice to your backside. So ya. Wearing a fitted skirt made out of ice was kind of a day breaker. But such is the spice of life.

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  1. Oh man! That sounds like it really sucked, I hate falling, especially in the snow, yuck. Hope the rest of the snowy season treats you better.