Friday, January 9, 2009

I Am Thankful

I just feel thankful for my family right now and how awesome and close we all our. I've always known how lucky we are to have such a sweet fam, but I've recently discovered that I'm also fiercely protective of our family as a unit. Regardless of which family member is wronged or having a hard time, we do our best to protect eachother.

That being said.. If you happen to be a sneaky selfish snake who tries to infiltrate the Booth Family fortress of emotional well being, be-freaking-ware. I will shut you down.

And Do NOT get loud with me.


  1. this is thunder... this is lightning... dont get caught in the storm.

  2. I love the booth fam. I also wanted to say that I'm obsessed with Regina Spektor lately so I'm glad you love her too. Thank you for putting her on your musical side box.