Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"oooh They'll Bite Your Face Off!"

$10.00 to anyone who can name the lovely woman responsible for the title quote of this blog. Hint: She prefers that no one ever quote her. Ever. But the tidbit above was originally prefaced with the statement:

"Monkeys are mean!"

Put the two phrases together and you will have exactly what popped into my head while I was reading THIS. Not only was this article horrifying in every way, it reinforced my belief that wild exotic animals are not meant to be pets.

I don't care if they wear pants and eat at the dinner table. Chimps are not meant to live with the elderly. They will bite your face off. I don't blame the chimp. I feel bad for the chimp. I MOSTLY blame the owner who called 911. I kind of blame the victim, but I also feel bad for her so I can't fully blame her. But friends don't let friends own CHIMPS for crying out loud. They are crazy!


  1. skb. $10 = you can just buy me a cap sleeve shirt from the bookstore. and its true. friends dont let friends own chimps. you, my dear, will NEVARRR own a chimp on my watch.

  2. Also. It was rumored that the chimp ate "Xanax and tea" before the mauling began. Make of that what you will.