Sunday, July 26, 2009


Lets talk about singles wards in Provo, shall we? My ward is awesome. There are a ton of nice girls and a bunch of non-lame guys. I like my ward a ton. And we get to meet in this cute little building!

That being said. Lets talk about the intricacies of seating in the chapel of a singles ward. In the BYU dating world, where you sit during church often flags your avaiability to prospective daters. As lame as it sounds, it is kind of true. Let me enlighten you:
  • If you are sitting by only your roommates, you are not dating anyone in the ward.
  • If one boy is sitting with you and your roommates, you are either engaged to that boy, or you are just friends with that boy. Easily determined by the presence of an engagement ring.
  • If you are sitting by your roommates and several boys, you MAY be casually dating one of those boys.
  • If you are sitting by boys and NOT by your roommate, you are either A) not friends with your roommate or B) you are dating one of those boys.
  • And finally, if you are a girl, sitting by a boy and all of his roommates, without an of your roommates, and the boy has his arm around you, you are exclusively dating that boy, and any other guy who tries to date you will have to deal with the said boy AND his roommates.


If I am not dating you, do not surround me with your roommates and/or put your arm around me for any period of time during Sacrament Meeting. You just took me off the market without my consent. Not cool. But you did smell good, and you are really good looking, so whatever.

That is all.


  1. I enjoy this post and might I add... it's the same in the SLC singles wards too... except men are hairier and girls are... er... hairier? NO! Uh, blonder? Not possible. I know... they've given up. Ha. Girls have given up in the SLC area ;)

  2. hahahahaha. this post made me laugh. call me and give me details. stat.

  3. Lol can you believe lds boys these days! How Rude!

  4. Oh how I enjoyed this. You are so witty Kristen Booth.

  5. P.S. Please forgive me I think I accidentally just spelled your name wrong. : (